Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Next?

I’m getting near the end of the 2nd week since Finny died. I can talk about him now. I can talk to friends without crying. I have ridden some friend’s horses. I am ready to ride my other horses, but it has rained so much this week that it’s too cool, damp and muddy out to even want to go get them out of their muddy lots. But I will when the sun comes out!

Now, what is next? Months ago, I had started thinking about getting a gaited horse for CTR. Sometimes, Finny and I worked awfully hard to keep up to the gaited horses. When the gaited horses moved out, they did so easily. Finny and I struggled at some P&R’s, barely getting below the number that we needed before losing points. But, I have found out that gaited horses struggle also. I felt that I had Finny conditioned, as I had ridden him more days a week as other people rode their gaited horses.

Since Monday, I have been on the internet search to see what gaited horses are for sale. I have decided to look at Foxtrotters, I like the front to backward movement of their gait. I have also struggled with upper body sway going down hills. I have improved that movement by concentrating on the Centered Riding exercises that I have learned. I also feel that the front to backward movement of the Foxtrotters will help me with that sway as I go down a hill, helping me to move front to back with the horse‘s movement instead of the side to side sway.

On the internet, I have goggled Missouri Foxtrotters in Missouri. Do you know how many Foxtrotter Breeders there are in Missouri? Do you know how many Foxtrotters there are for sale in Missouri? Let’s just say that it took me from Monday evening to tonight, Thursday evening, to look at a lot of the sites and decide on a few horses to see. Right now, I’m excited to have narrowed the search down to 2 places, and more specifically, to 1 horse. I will look at this horse on Sunday. Hopefully, Sunday evening I have good news. I really like the looks of this horse. I think it is one that I can grow with. To further compete with. And to bond with.

A friend recently told me that she was glad I was looking at gaited horses. She said that looking for a gaited horse is somewhat therapeutic for me. She said I couldn’t compare Finny to a gaited horse, as the movement isn’t the same. I hadn’t thought of that before, but she is right. If I was looking for another Quarter Horse right now, I would compare each horse to Finny. I can’t compare a gaited movement to Finny’s movement. If I was looking for another Quarter Horse, I’m not sure I would be looking for another horse right now. I’m not even sure I could ride another Quarter Horse right now. I know I haven’t ridden any of my other horses yet.

I think if it ever quits raining, and the sun comes out, I’ll be able to saddle up one of my horses and ride in the fields. I’m hoping the sun comes out soon, as I’m ready to ride. Come along on the ride with me!


txtrigger said...

Glad to read you are feeling better. Sunshine would indeed help! Don't jump into a horse. The right one will be there, and I think you will KNOW it is the right match.

Brenda said...

But actually I do need to jump into a horse, or I will just sit around and mope. I need to be doing something with horses, and it's hard to get motivated to do anything with my other horses. If I bring a new horse home, I'll have something different to do. I am hoping to find the right one, and soon!


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