Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

“It sure felt good to be on a horse”

“It sure felt good to be on a horse”. That was my first thought, and the comment I texted my hubby, when I rode last week.  It’s been a long winter for me, and this was just my 2nd ride of the year.  Compared to last year, I had many more rides in, with almost 100 miles recorded by now.  Not so this year, but the minute I rode off on Bonita, while ponying Allie, I couldn’t believe how great it felt!  I couldn’t believe I’ve waited so long to ride this winter/early spring.


Most winters, I’ve given the horses a rest Jan and Feb.  I start consistent riding from March on, as the days get warmer…. usually.  Last year, riding for the Horsetrailriders Distance Derby, I started riding in January and rode every day that I was home, and the weather cooperated.  This year, March is here, 1st day of spring came and went, we’ve had some near 70 degree days, and I still didn’t get extra days of riding in.  But I did take the time to just be with the horses during chore time, moving among them, petting or rubbing on some of them, standing quietly by the ones that just want the closeness.


With my mom passing away last Oct, and hubby having some health issues this winter and recovering from a recent surgery, life with horses not only got slowed down, but got put on hold.  Tiredness doesn’t always have to be physical.  I think mental strain/anguish/stress makes you so much more tired and drains what energy is left over from the day.  I didn’t have any problem sitting and doing nothing.  I guess it was my body’s way of telling me that I’m not ready to be as busy as I was last year.  I felt the need to take the time to rejuvenate.  I knew I not only had to build up my energy, but also my desire to want to do more with the horses.


A mid-winter vacation is always welcomed.  Sun and warmth does wonders for the mind and body.  So does spring sun and warmth!  I love to hear the birds singing.   I love to see green grass.  I’m ready to see the trees bud up and leaves start to come out.  I’ve had my winter rest.  I’m really ready for the tans and browns and grey tones of winter to change into the greens and yellows and reds and oranges and blues of spring grass and flowers.  I love flowers and taking photos of them, especially roses.  Maybe I’ll plant more perennials this year.  I’m starting to feel the growth of spring in my body and mind and soul.  I’m starting to see the true colors of spring again.


Spring is here.  Hubby and I just had our 33rd Anniversary.  We have 2 small grandsons that are spending the night tonight and next weekend, we’ll see our 2 young granddaughters.  Then I’ll be ready to start riding, and working young horses, and petting on yearlings, and watching the broodmares.  I’m starting to get excited about seeing this year’s foal crop come this summer!


Just writing this makes me want spring even more.  I’m ready to get back into the saddle.  Watch out… the ride is on. Hope you are able to get back on the trails too.  And as always, “Embrace the Journey!”


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