Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday before Easter

Lots of family fun this weekend. 

Sara, Jake and Makenzie were here from CO.  Jacob, Amber,Caden, and baby Tyler were here.  Micah was here.

Enjoy our Easter weekend pictures from Saturday.

Pop, Tyler and Makenzie

Makenzie and Caden

watching cartoons, very intently! They usually don't sit together this quiet!

Grandma and baby Tyler

Makenzie and Caden, with gun ear muffs on, since the guys and Sara were shooting clay birds near by. Grandma was keeping them intertained.  We played with the riding toys and tractor.
Caden loved wearing the ear muffs, almost as much as he loves his tractors!

We walked to see the horses, and play with rocks!

We lounged on the chairs!

Makenzie helped Pop find some clay birds that didn't get shot and didn't break.

Our Easter egg hunt!

Makenzie found them at the fence.

Caden, Jacob, Amber and baby Tyler found them around the trees.

Caden and Makenzie with full baskets, but empty eggs.  I think they ate all the treats as they found the eggs!

Makenzie holding baby Tyler with Sara's help.

Sara having a few moments by herself to cuddle with her nephew.

Egg coloring time. Amber, Sara, Micah, Makenzie, Jake, Caden and Jacob. Sara and Jake have chickens that supplied us with lots of eggs!  Where's Pop?

Pop is cuddling with baby Tyler.

Makenzie picking out the rubber bands to wear on her wrist instead of putting them around the eggs.

and cuddling with her daddy.

Caden loves holding and rolling the eggs.

More pictures in the next blog of all the colored eggs on Easter morning!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Horsemanship Clinic

I had a Horsemanship Clinic at Chance Ridge in Omaha.  8 riders attended.  I taught some Centered Riding exercises.  I love teaching these exercises to riders.  I love showing riders how to have a better riding relationship with their horses.

Thanks to all who came. I look forward to the next Horsemanship Clinic.

Traci and Katie, first listening intently, then who know what they are laughing about.



On Bob, a gentle, quiet, soul!

and at the end of the day,

with Chick and Dixie, great lesson mares!
a well deserved drink of water!

My letter to My 2nd Grandson

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tyler Jay was born Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 7:19 am. 7 pounds, 4 ounces, 20 1/2” long. A little chin dimple like his daddy. Pop says that is a strong gene, so he should have one. His eyes are like his mommy‘s eyes, just like his big brother. And lots and lots of hair. And long hair. The nurses said that they see lots of babies with hair, but not very many with as long of hair as you! I think you look like your mommy. I can’t wait to look at your big brother‘s, Caden, baby pictures and compare them to you.

Grandma and “Pop”, as your Grandpa wants to be called, knew you were going to be born on this morning. Your mommy had to have a planned C-section since you were butt down! We knew you were going to be a boy. Your name was going to be a surprise for the day you were born.

Since he didn’t know your name, Pop decided to call you Amos months ago! He said he thought of Caden, then went to the D names, but decided that was too hard, and went back to A. A. Amos! And it has stuck! I think you’ll always be Amos to Pop.

I have to ask your mommy and daddy how they came up with your name. I’m sure they just liked the name. Your mommy worked at a Preschool, since High School, and she probably has a lot of names that she likes. Your middle name, Jay, is your Pop’s middle name. Your daddy was named after his daddy, too, which is your grandpa Tom, “Pop”.

We were home when your daddy called and said you were here! We were surprise that it was that early. We came to see you in the hospital in the afternoon. I had 2 training horses that I had to ride first. We were to pick up your big brother after his nap at home to bring him back to our home for the next 3 days to stay with us.

When we walked into the room, your mommy and daddy were resting, and you were in the basinet. I held you while Pop took pics and then Pop held you. You had dark eyes and were wide open.

You were about 5 hours old when I saw you for the first time. What a pretty baby! You had a little face, pretty eyes, a faint chin dimple, and lots of hair! The nurse was there to take you for you first bath. I went along and took a lot of pictures, just like I did when Caden got his first bath. You looked so relaxed while your hair was better washed!

The next 2 days, Pop and I visited. The 2nd morning, you were running a little temp, so they took you to baby ICU to give you antibiotics. Your breathing was very rapid also. You had to have a little tube hooked up to your foot. Your mommy was very sad that you couldn’t be in her room and she couldn’t come with you yet. As soon as she could get into a wheel chair, she was able to visit you often and hold you!

When he and your Daddy went to visit you first, while I stayed with your mommy. The nurse came in to help your mommy into a wheel chair and she and I came to see you too. Your daddy had come back to stay with big brother Caden. Your Mommy needed to nurse you, so Pop went back to wait in your Mommy’s room and play with Caden. Pop and I didn’t get to hold you that 2nd day, but I held your finger and watched you.

Pop and I visited with your Mommy and Daddy a little the third day that you were in the hospital. We went Thursday morning so Caden had a longer time to play and be with Mommy and Daddy. Pop and I came down to see you in your room while Caden had lunch. I picked you up and held you, tubes and all. Your temp and breathing were normal. Pop held you too and we took pictures!

Tuesday late afternoon, Wednesday late morning, and Thursday mid-morning. I loved holding and cuddling with you. Pop didn’t get to hold you too much those first 3 times we visited, but I made sure that we got pictures of you and him. Pop likes that you are named after him and you were born on his father’s birthday, your Great-Grandfather!

Friday, only 3 days since you were born., your mommy and Daddy are bringing you home from the hospital. We weren’t sure of the time, so we stayed home at our place with Caden until we knew for sure that you were able to come home. Caden went for his nap, then after his nap, we loaded up all of Caden’s suitcases and bags, and took him home.

We were waiting for you when you came in the door, being carried by your daddy.

When you were just a little over a week old, we came to babysit. Wed, April 20th, 2011. This is your Mommy and Daddy’s 4th Anniversary. Pop and I are coming to babysit you and Caden so your Mommy and Daddy can go to a store and out for supper. Pop had to run to the store, so I laid you on the couch and played with Caden.

Then Caden sat beside you on the couch and I took some pictures of the two of you. Pop came from the store and he took Caden outside to play. Caden loves the outdoors and I’m sure you will too. I held you and gave you a bottle. Pop and Caden came in and Caden had a PB and Jelly sandwich! It wasn’t long before your Mommy and Daddy came home from shopping and eating out.

I’ll need to shop at the baby consignment store. I’ll need to find some cowboy outfits! The best outfits are made of blue jean material . I’ll know I’ll be able to buy blue jean and bib overalls! I’ll have to find some baby clothes with horses on them! I want to share my love for horses with you, and with all my grandchildren.

We will pray that you grow into a strong, healthy boy. We will be able to see you as you grow from a newborn to a toddler. We can cuddle with you and Caden. We will bring Makenzie, and any other cousins you have, to play with you. I hope during the summers, you and all the cousins will spend time with Grandma and Pop!

We will see you at ball games, and school events, and have you come for picnics and float in our pool. Caden has loved swimming during the summers and I hope you will too. Caden just helped to cut some trees, and you’ll be able to come and pick up brush too! Pop and I can show you the horses, dogs, cats, and any kittens and puppies that we may have. Pop also wants to get chickens now, and we should have a huge garden.

I love you so much, Grandma


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