Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Turkey Creek ride

We had a cool day at Turkey Creek, near Newcastle, NE, but the scenery is gorgeous. These pictures just don't do the area justice. With the extremely cold weather last weekend, many leaves have already fallen from the trees. There is still color, but there seemed to be more color viewing the hills in person, than from these pics. Enjoy!

Turkey Creek riders,

and dogs.

We could see s view of the river from the tree tops.

The hills are rolling mounds of trees and shrubs, leveling out to grassy hilltops.

Some of the hills were gently rolling, others had very steep ups and downs.

We rode between the hills.

I rode Brenda W's Tennessee Walkers. They definately walked out and cruised up and down these hills.

More pics:

Turkey Creek will always be special for me. This is the place that I felt a great grief lift from my heart since Finny's death. I have always enjoyed riding hills and trees, as that is what I grew up with. I believe you always go back to the beginning. You go back to what you know when you were a child. To what you love. I love hills, and trees. I love the changing seasons. I love family. And I love horses. I have always loved horses. There are pictures of me when I was a child of 5 or 6 with our family pony. There are pictures of me through the rest of my childhood with horses. Horses will always be part of my life, my soul, my heart. My heart won't beat if there aren't horses in my life.

My heart is starting to beat again. I need horses in my life. I know there is another special horse out there for me. I know there is a horse out there that needs me. And I know there is a horse out there that I need. I will begin my search. I love the changing seasons.


Flying Lily said...

Looks lovely and hilly. Looking forward to the details!!

Brenda said...

thanks. This was a hard, but special ride for me. I knew I had to ride again. I'm glad that I had the trees and hills, something that I am comfortable, with me and round me to comfort me. I know Finny would have loved this ride. And my heart is glad.

gretchen said...

SO GLAD you had a good ride. i can't think of a better place to get back in the saddle. wish i could have been there with y'all!

Horses are our Lives said...

I wished you were there, too, Gretchen, cooking for us! I have missed eating your Dutch Cooking! I think I just need to be on the back of horses! I love riding hills and I was at peace. I can start the search now for a new riding partner.


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