Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to Riding, Without Finny

The Direct TV man left today, after hooking up 2 more tv’s (for a price that is less than what I have already been paying). The day was finally sunny and warming up into the 50’s. I decided it was time to get one of my other horses out to ride. I thought I was ready.

I had thought of working the 3 horses that I need to get back to riding. But the lots are a muddy mess, and I really didn’t want to deal with all of that mud on the horses today. Anyways, I had Jacob, Amber and Caden coming for supper, and I just didn’t want to be that rushed. I already had a pot roast in the crock pot, and was going to cook noodles in the broth about ½ hour before we were to eat. All I would have to do after I rode was to grain, fill a water tank, and feed dogs and cats.

I decided to take Starlet to the field. She needed the exercise! I should have weight taped her. I think she is at least 100, maybe 200 pounds overweight! I put my muck boots on and went into the lot to get her. She came quietly, I think due to anticipating a few bites of grass outside the gate. I tied her to the horse trailer, groomed and saddled her. All of the bridles had Finny’s CTR numbered tag on them. I removed the tag from one of the bridles and bridled Starlet.

I changed out of the muck boots and put riding boots on. I replaced my ball cap with my Troxel helmet. I mounted and rode out behind the barn. It has been awhile since I have ridden Starlet in the field, and she was heads up. She was a little goosey riding past the dogs. The edge of the corn field was a little soft, but not muddy.

I thought I would have a nice quiet, slow ride as Starlet is out of shape. As I rounded the 1st corner of the field, and started on the path that I should have been taking with Finny, his loss hit me again. I should have been riding Finny. It should have been Finny that I was taking to the field, enjoying a good, extended trot. The pain of losing him came out, and tears ran down my face.

I went on with my ride, remembering Finny. Places where he would just walk on, stopping to eat grass, Starlet was hesitant. Places where Finny went in to a lovely trot, Starlet was jigging. The sun was out, and I made myself look around me. Thinking of other things, or just watching where I was going, I didn’t want to remember and compare Starlet to Finny. I want to believe Finny is happy where he is. I want to appreciate riding Starlet again. Eventually, the tears stopped, and I rode on. After about an hour, I was back to the trailer, unsaddled, and put Starlet back into the lot with the other horses. I patted her and I think she understood how I felt, as she stood quietly.

After chores were done, I changed and washed my face. I brushed my hair back into a braid. I added the noodles to the beef broth, and set the table. The kids arrived and Tom came home from work. We enjoyed playing with Caden for awhile. When they left, I asked Tom for a hug. I told him that I had a bad moment in the field while I was riding. I needed to feel his pat on my back, telling me that everything will be all right.

I miss Finny and I always will. But I’ll get back to enjoying the other horses. I started today.

The rides might seem tough for awhile. I’ll need to go on more rides. Come along on the rides with me!


Tammy said...

This made me cry....

Horses are our Lives said...

I know. I just read this again, and my eyes teared up, again! Thinking of Finny is going to put a lump in my throat for a long time. I'm glad that we will be riding together soon.


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