Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Smells and Sights of Fall

Walking outside this week, fall was in the air. One warm morning, before the cold windy weather came later in the week, you could smell fall. The warm air mixed with drying leaves. I walked outside with a jacket on and immediately took it off.

I was having the farrier come to trim horses.

The air was very warm, and rain was coming. And colder north winds were coming. Mixed that air with all the forage that was drying, and you have the smell of Fall!

I love fall. I love the colors. I love the changing leaves.

I love the deep colors of mums.

Today, I took a long ride to the field. And I took my camera. What better way to work on soft eyes than to be looking at the world around me. What better way then to see that world through a camera lens. And then to see that view, that you saw through the camera lens, in the pictures that are in front of you.

I love the red of ripened apples.

Fall is harvest time.

Soybeans and corn.

The fields are beginning to be bare.

But even the weeds are drying up.

The katydids are getting browner.

I hate these stickers though.

They seem to jump off the plant and right into the horse’s tail. I watch for these while I ride, and I veer widely around them!

The leaves are dropping off the trees.

The grasslands are turning brown.

The sumac is becoming a deeper shade of red.

The hedge apples from the Osage Orange tree.

Fall becomes crisper. And colder. But before it does, there will be plenty of days like today to ride.

Come along on the ride with me!


Flying Lily said...

Great photos!!!! I love fall riding too. All around us the earth is preparing for its winter rest. The horses are energetic and the bugs are mostly gone. Yay!

Brenda said...

Flying Lily, thanks! I just visited your site, and had to laugh over your grooming time! I wonder what the horse thought your hand smelled like? lol I loved how you and your horse were looking at the fall sights, too!


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