Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today I said Goodbye to my Friend

Today I had to say goodbye to my friend Finny
We rode our best ride today
He did everything I asked and he did it well.
We were a team. We were as one.

Today I had to say goodbye to my friend and my heart hurts.
My heart is heavy. My heart is breaking in two
There is a lump in my throat and I can’t swallow
The tears and sobs come hard.

Today the reality of death has set in.
Finny, my friend, is not here.
Finny will never be here again.
And the tears come back.

Where is my tall black horse today?
He is not with the other horses.
I don’t see him because he is gone.
I won’t ever see him again. And the tears come back.

There is a tomorrow.
Tomorrow will bring memories and smiles.
I don’t know when tomorrow will be here.
I just know that today my friend is gone.


txtrigger said...

I have saved the poem in my computer from a carriage driving friend when she lost her horse years ago:

An Intrepid Friend

Golden rays of sunset highlights the rim of several hoof prints.
Footprints are mixed in, dust adding its' soft visual effect.
The call of a night bird splits the silence, drowning out
The melancholy music of the radio in the barn.

Each horse is gazing, looking at the house, at the sky.
Dark pools of what might be tears gather in the corner of those
Large, warm, brown and black eyes, those windows of the secret world
Of horses, eagles and friends.

The messenger has come and gone; the news lingers.
Memories flood my mind, crowding my moments of now.
This dwelling, this place, it has his essence, his aura,
I can smell him on the soft breeze, and sense his presence.

The horses nicker for their friend, they call a long and sad,
"Where are you?" "Where have you gone?"
I am in disbelief that life could be so short, over
So very fast for one who made such a great contribution.

Will the cold winds of winter soon blow across the pasture,
Taking the dust and the memories into the great beyond?
Will those footprints and hoof prints fade into the sunset of all of my
NO! For you see, those prints are also embedded across my heart.

Nancy S. King © 2002

Brenda said...

wow, this is something. thanks! Tonight, coming home, as I looked at a field that I commonly ride in, I could picture Finny and I riding there. As I pulled in the drive by the other horses, they perked their ears and looked towards me, as if to say, are you bringing Finny back? Memories are here already. I'm waiting to sense him around me. Yes, it is hard to believe that life could be over so fast. And yes, I want Finny's hoofbeats to be across my heart. thanks for sharing.


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