Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Stills: TECHNOLOGY

This week's challenge for Sunday Stills is the word "Technology". Obviously, since this is a photo sharing site, cameras are important.

I wanted to show a picture of a type of camera that I would love to have, but to date, I don’t own this one. Bummer!

But to me, I need my laptop, my phone, along with my camera. Probably in that order! I’m sure there are other items that are important to me, like my alarm radio to wake me up in the morning, definitely the coffee pot, and probably the tv when I need to view home decorating shows for ideas and then to watch while I vegetate in the evenings. Oh, and I love programmable heating systems, so that when I arrive home in the evenings in the winter, my home is waiting for me with warmth!

Even though I talk a lot on the phone, I don't think that I could function without my laptop! I upload pictures, I write my blog and save what I write in my word processing program, and I keep track of my horse business. To make sure that I can plug in to wherever I travel to, I have a converter. I think I dream in laptop language.

Do you see what site my laptop is currently on? LOL

My cell phone is almost as important. I talk with my family and my customers. AND my telephone company gets to collect a little more money from me so that I can "tether" to my laptop. That means, I can get internet almost anywhere where I travel to! I already pay for internet with the blackberry phone that I have, and now I get to pay extra to hook into my laptop to have the SAME internet service. This doesn't seem fair somehow, but I will pay, because I love this luxury. I'm waiting for the cell phone companies to realize that people don't want to pay extra for something that they already have. Maybe the cell phone companies will start offering this hook-up for free. I’m waiting for that day and I will be first in line!

Since I have rekindled my love of photography, I love cameras. I have a Canon Powershot SX 10, mostly due to the cost and ease of travel. Especially when I need to pack my camera into a cantle bag on a saddle, while I trail ride.

But I would love this camera! Powerful zooms. Extra technology and ease of use. Geez, I think this camera does the work for you, and you almost don’t need to be there to take the pictures!

That’s it. I could probably live without heat if I have my laptop, cell phone and camera. I can take pictures and blog everywhere I go!

Come along on the journey of photography, laptops, and cell phones with me!


txtrigger said...

I could have posted a photo of the inside of my truck when I was on the road to all the rides this year. I have the GPS to get me there, Radar detector to make sure I dont get there TOO fast, my cell phone, which is blue-toothed through the stereo. Then, I have a thermometer that tells me the temp in the cab of the truck, and also the temp inside the fridge in the camper, in case it stopped chilling. Ahhh, technology!

small farm girl said...

I would love to have a camera like that one. I have an inner photographer too. I have out grew my little point and shoot

Brenda said...

yes, sometimes my truck and trailer have many gadgets everywhere! I need an indoor/outdoor thermometer to put into the trailer. Then I'll know how to dress for the early morning rides.


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