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Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009 Winter Storm

Today is the day after Christmas, 2009, which is also Caden’s First birthday, but I will blog about that tomorrow since we are having a family birthday party for him, and which I probably can’t go. :-(((

We woke to no electric at 1 am. Power came on at 11:30 this morning. We waited long enough to have heat, so once the house got down to 55 degrees, we started a fire. With both of us working, our fireplace isn't the easiest and most efficient, so we haven't started a fire for over 4 years. That may change this year, at least on the weekends. The basement feels wonderful at 74 degrees, maybe higher by now. The upstairs is a comfortable 70.

I felt good enough to venture outside late this morning. The electric truck was stuck and I wanted to see how bad the drifts were. Our neighbor's tractor had to help pull the truck out.

The truck went on down the road to find the place where the line was down.

Within an hour, we had electric. We lucked out.

Then on to the trees, the drifts, the horses.
We need to put one of these round bales out tomorrow.

Anyways, back to the Nebraska winter storms of 2009. What a mess. And I have been sick, so my husband has done chores since Wed evening. I had a terrible sore throat that almost made me cry to swallow. Then the next day, I seemed fine until late afternoonn, when I had a 102 fever that broke early Christmas morning, and I sweated so bad I thought I had put on a wet nightie. Christmas day was better, I ate and drank lots of water and tea, and chicken broth. Geez, I think this Christmas, I am losing weight, which I would prefer not to do this way! I was still achy in the thigh muscles and knee joints, and then I started coughing. The wind was blowing and Tom said he would check all the horses and feed dogs and cats.

Now the day after Christmas. Coughing off and on. Went outside mid morning to see what the storm had done. comes another fever at 3 pm. I'm freezing and my head is so hot my lips feel like they are sunburn. Tom gives me a cold cloth for my forehead, I wrap in a fleece blanket, and sat in front of the 80 degree fireplace, trying to warm up.

Tom goes outside to do chores and shovel some snow. He's not going sledding. He's using the sled to bring some wood to the house.

During this time, I made the PW French Onion Soup, which Tom loves. I'm glad we are the only 2 eating, as I'm sure he is getting enough antibodies from me to be immune from this flu bug!

Some of my friends on have been following the recipes of the Pioneer She seems like a bubbly person and has a unique way of telling stories. She loves photograhy and has self taught herself to edit pictures, over the last 4 or 5 years, I think, since she has starting blogging. I hope to follow her photography pages soon, from the beginning. I'm afraid it may take me years to catch up. PW cooks, does photography, home schools, decorates the lodge, and gardens. This woman does everything, and with 4 "punks" as she calls her children. The only thing she doesn't do is ride a lot, but she loves taking photos of the mustangs on their ranch, and of her children, family and friends at cattle times.

Now, an hour after shivering, I've taken my socks and sweatshirt off, washed my face with cold water, and am drinking ice cold water because now I am too hot!

Who gave me this bug? I'm after you....


small farm girl said...

Wow, you had some snow!!!!!!
I follow PW too. She is entertaining. About like a sit com. lol.

I have a recipe for you that has been passed down from my great grandma. It will make a fever break "right now."

Bee Spit Tea

Boil water, pour into a tea cup.
Add enough milk to color water.( If you want a more thick drink, add more milk.)
Then add honey to your own taste.(I like mine pretty sweet, so I add around 2 tablespoons)

If I ever have a fever, this will always make it break. You will be sweating in no time. lol

I hope you feel better. Tell me if you try the tea.


txtrigger said...

I hope this is the worse part of winter for yall. We normally get the really bad stuff in Jan/Feb. We have had snow two times already. Pretty weird. Not sure I WANT to know what will happen in the next 60 days on the weather front.

You are not sounding better girl. Hope you can shake it soon!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

sfg, there must be something in honey, to help with fevers and a cough. I found another recipe that had vinegar and honey, mixed together, and take a teaspoon every hour. The honey must coat the throat. I don't have honey, but I have dill pickles, which are sitting in vinegar water. So I have been eating large dill pickles for the last 2 days! lol The site said that the vinegar kills the bacteria that causes the sore throat. Now, that the sore throat is gone, I will have to get some honey and try that for coughing. thanks for the tip!

My mother used to give us kids very sweet tea and a little whiskey in it for the croup. I'll be trying that tonight! lol

thanks, Jonni. I'm not around many people, so I know my resistance isn't as great as others! Everyone is amazed how much snow we have gotten this month. For us, I think we got 12" in both snow storms, maybe more in the first one.

Rebekah said...

Beautiful blog!! I love your horse photos. I dream of that life, I want it so bad sometimes I can taste it.

Your snow is pretty! I wish we got snow, although I do understand it's quite a bit of work dealing with it. :) How do your horses like the snow?

I hope you get to feeling better quickly! Being sick is no fun, and you sound like you got hit hard :( Hope you get better soon!!!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Rebekah, once the days warm up, the horses get playing and running around. Some days, you'll even see them rolling in the snow. Maybe you can start with having a life with horses by taking lessons, if you can't own a horse now. Thanks for your well wishes. The cough is getting a little better.

Pony Girl said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! I have not had the flu this year and I'm hoping to get by unscathed! Stay warm and cozy!!
I've been following The Pioneer Woman for a few years. Pretty amazing, what she has accomplished since the beginning!
Happy New Year!


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