Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the road to recovery

After a night of no sleep, sitting in the recliner in the living room, with constant coughing, I knew it was time to see the doctor. I can’t go without 7-8 hours of sleep on the average night, and I definitely haven’t had that luxury the past 2 nights. I’m lucky if I got that much sleep in the last 3 nights.

My sore throat and high fever was gone, but in it’s place was something worse. A dry, persistent cough. I have never coughed this hard. I have never taken as much over the counter meds as I have the last 5 days.

Tom drove me to the medical clinic this morning, as I was coughing so bad, and was very tired, that I wasn’t sure I could get there without a coughing fit. I went to a new medical place for the simple reason of location. This place was the closest place to where I lived. It was a new facility, which I thought was a clinic, where you just showed up. Wrong! There were 3-4 doctors on site, with obvious appointments!

I had Tom ask if they were taking new patients - who isn’t when the economy is bad? I’m sure everyone should get whatever business they can, but that’s another topic. He asked if they could fit me in. The receptionist said she would talk to the booking secretary. This Medical facility is a great place. Within a few moments, the scheduler came to get me and since I was sick, took us to her office, where I sat to fill out paperwork. She said she had talked to the doctor, and knowing that I was sick, he said he would fit me in. I was taken to a room. Within moments, the nurse came in to take all the necessary things they do - blood pressure, temperature which I still had a 99.3 temp and I didn’t know it, checked weight and height. I lost a ½ “ somewhere over the last 10 years. I better start standing straighter and taken my calcium supplement! They also checked the oxygen level of my blood, I think.

The doctor was very punctual. We only had a short wait before the doctor came in. He listened to my breathing, wanting me to take deep breaths. But with each deep breath came a bout of coughing. He knew I had bronchitis, but he didn’t know if my lungs were getting infected. He wanted to take some x-rays. The room was a little cool, and just that coolness made me cough. The nurse was so helpful, took the x-rays, put a blanket around me to keep me warm and had me wait were it was a little warmer while she checked the x-rays. X-rays were good and I went back to the examination room.

It wasn’t long before the doctor came back into the room. I needed an antibiotic to get over this bronchitis. I also needed a prescription cough syrup as the “over the counter” meds are not doing anything to relieve or stop the cough, even for a short time. I also needed a cortisone med to help relieve the inflammation in the lungs.

The drugs must be working as they are kicking my butt. I don’t require naps, even if I am tired or sick. I have taken 3 short naps today. My cough isn’t as often, even though it is still dry and raspy. The doctor said I would feel better in about 5 days, with a little more energy but I can already tell the difference within 8 hours. I am very tired, but I think it is the effects of the drugs. I even did a load of wash, without feeling drained. But I need to shower before I fall off into another nap. Wow, I can’t believe how tired I am.


small farm girl said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Nothing worst than not being able to sleep if you are sick. Sleep does wonders.
Feel better soon.

txtrigger said...

Goodness girl! Glad you got to the doctor, and hopefully you really are n the road to feeling better.

Flying Lily said...

I'm so glad you got looked at and have some medication. What a horrible time to be sick. Not like there's a good time. Get well soon and REST UP.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Thanks, everyone. I can't believe people would let it go much longer. I knew that after a sleepless night of total coughing, I couldn't wait. As it was, the doctor called the next morning and said after the xray was checked by whoever reviews them, that I had a slight spot of pneumonia in the right lung. I guess if there is a time to be sick, I'd rather have it now than during riding season! lol


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