Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

December is here...

December is here, and with it came the first really cold morning! I bundled up with sweat pants over my jeans to do morning chores. I need to dig out the overalls. I checked water tanks first. Will they have a layer of ice on top? Steam was rising off the water. The water tank heaters worked! Yea! No breaking ice outside this year. Even with the colder weather, below 20 this morning, the horses had drank about ¼ of the water.

But inside the barn, I didn’t do so well with the pet water bowls. They were all frozen. I took the easy way out and just poured more water on top, as we are to get into the 30’s today and the water should melt. The cat’s water was plugged in but was frozen. I’m prepared though, as I just bought 2 new water bowls. The cats will need one of the new water bowls. The dog’s extension cords just need to be plugged in, which I did this morning to 2 of the water bowls. The 3rd bowl needs an extension cord ran so I’ll need to do that tonight.

Ok, check off winterizing the water tanks. Now on to the barn. This weekend, I’ll need to drain all hoses. Have you ever tried to curl a frozen hose? They don’t bend very easy. I keep a few hoses in a heated room to keep them thawed for filling water tanks. I’ll need to wet the sand down in the arena before I put hoses away.

I have round bales for the winter months. I just put out 2 salt blocks to the horses. Water tanks are heated. Hoses are in the barn, staying thawed. I think I’m ready.

Now, where are my overalls, insulated gloves, winter boots, hood, headband….


txtrigger said...

Look at the water bowls, and see if the heat part might not stop only about 2/3 of the way up the bowl. I kept getting a frozen bucket on one of our "electric" buckets, until I saw I was filling it too high, beyond the heater part. So, the top would still freeze over.

We had ice on our trough this AM. After the weekend, I need to get out our trough with the deicer, and get it set up. But hubby can break ice if needed for a weekend. lol

Pony Girl said...

Hard to believe winter is really here, eh? :) I don't mind it, I love the crisp weather, even thought it requires extra clothing and a little more work around the pasture! Glad you got the troughs working!


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