Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

We live and breathe horses

Because horses are our lives!

Sometimes, those of us that are in the horse business, get out of the horse business because it is hard, physical work, and we go find a job that may be easier. But then we find that it is not easy on our souls. We need horses in our lives, and we need horses more than just to own and ride them. Horses need to be what we are all about. That's not saying that horses don't mean as much to people who don't have a horse business, because I know they do. I think we ALL would be depressed if we couldn't be doing something with horses.

I know I have tried to leave the horse business, and every time, I get drawn back to it. I think that I’m tired and that I want to do something easier. But as I sit inside a building, I miss being outside. I can’t wait to be outside, even on those hot, those hot days that are so humid that you have sweat running down your back as soon as you start walking to the barn, days and those cold, bone chilling cold, days, days where you can‘t wait to come inside and bundle up in a sweater and lounge on the couch with a fluffy afghan.

I know that I had to have been born with a love for horses. I know horses are imbedded in my soul. I grew up with ponies and horses all around me, and I’m the only one out of 5 siblings that still has horses. I read horse books. I drew horses. I couldn’t wait to ride the hills during the summer. And I missed my horse once I went to college and sold him the 2nd summer. Then I was too poor, newly married, within a year and a half, with a child. And living in residential areas over the next 5 years, with 2 young children, wasn’t helping me.

I haven’t been dreaming much about horses lately, and I need to start going to sleep thinking about my horses, and maybe I will start that tonight. I have been dreaming, but dreaming those strange dreams that make no sense. And I’m awake a lot (darn menopausal symptoms, waking up warm, throwing covers off, then an hour later, waking up cold, covering back up. And the cycle repeats itself every night, at least 2 more times).

So the question is, how do we survive? I know the heat and humidity this summer has worn a lot of my friends down. Who wants to come home after work and try to ride in 90 degree weather, or even low 80’s, with 70-80% humidity! It is terrible most afternoons and evenings. It’s miserable at 8 in the morning. By noon, I’m dragging, and then I drag all day. I know that I’m counting down to when there are days with NO humidity. But I still want a fall, with nice weather, not freezing, not raining, not overly windy. I know, I’m not asking for much. I’m only asking for about a month of perfect 10 days, maybe 2 months! Now, working with horses outside sounds heavenly, doesn’t it, if we get a few perfect days?

How do we survive when we don’t get much horse time? Not as much riding time either? I ride early in the morning. Some people ride in the evening. Then, after the sun goes down, you fight mosquitoes. But earlier in the day, you fight those big black flies. I have never seen as many as I have seen this summer! I try to take a few trail rides early on Saturday mornings. I just can’t do any horsey time when it is so hot and sticky that the horses are standing around, and sweating just standing still!

We need to do more than survive. We need to be revived! I know I try to revive myself every day when I come in from the barn, and just sit down for a few minutes. I try to have a good lunch. I take my Woman’s One a Day with Iron multivitamin. I read that if you get the afternoon blahs and are tired by 2 or 3 pm, take a multivitamin and that will perk you up. And you know what? It works! I started doing this Monday of last week, and every day, about noon or 1 since, I’ve taken my vitamin, along with a glucosamine supplement ( you know, for old, creaky joints). I haven’t had a tired moment in the last 2 weeks. Before that, when this heat and humidity hit, I was about to nap every day when I came inside. That darn humidity just wipes me out!

How else do we get revived? I always said August was a month when I didn’t do much, because of the heat. County Fair was always the first week, then youth world. Kids were going back to school so lessons were not scheduled. This year, I am going on a horse camping trip to SD with friends. Otherwise, if I was home, I would just do what I wanted to do. Ride horses when I wanted to. Maybe get a house decorating job done. Maybe read some books. Maybe lounge at the pool.

I give myself permission to not do much! How about that? I think that may surprise a few people. But you need down time. My hubby has a stressful job, and because of that, I feel like I need more down time. I hope that doesn’t seem selfish, as I know my hubby really needs that extra down time. But how do I take care of him, the house, the animals, my kids and grandkids, and myself, without some time of just doing nothing?

So I give you permission to do absolutely nothing! Nada! Zilch! Zero! Nothing. If you need to do nothing to get revived, then do nothing.

Otherwise, figure out HOW to revive yourself, even just a little bit, then do it!
Give yourself permission. And don’t feel guilty! We need to take care of ourselves.

I feel better when I am planning something. You know, always keeping busy with something. Maybe planning the next vacation. Maybe planning a craft or hobby project. Maybe planning a trail ride. Maybe planning an evening out with a friend and go to a wine tasting!

So plan something fun. Give yourself some time off. Get rested. Get revived. And you have survived!

Look forward to your journey.

“Embrace the journey!”


Val said...

I liked your tagline from Jonni's blog so I followed ya over here... Be back to read more soon!

Best wishes,

Horses Are Our Lives said...

thanks, Val! Glad to see you here. I just visited your site and commented also. I'm looking forward to reading more about your life with horses, too.


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