Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Journey is Long

Life is a journey and lasts a lifetime. Life is ever changing. We are always on a journey, finding our way.

The journey can change direction. Paths twist and curve. There are stops on the way, which makes us stop to think what is next. There are crossroads, where we need to decide which way to go. Sometimes, the path ends and we need to backtrack to find where the path was. Sometimes, we are one a path, thinking that we are heading one direction, and the path changes direction without us realizing it. Or sometimes, we just have to make our own paths!

Life is about growing and maturing into wisdom and patience. Time helps us to grow from an infant to an adult. Time and good nutrition and overall good health. That includes our mental health. We need to take care of our body, as well as our mind. They both need rest, and need to be refreshed. Within our busy lives, we need to take time for rest and relaxation. As we grow, our body matures. Our minds mature, and we change.

Only time will tell how much we change, and that is also determined by how our life circumstances change. Life brings us a wisdom and patience that only time can bring to us. Life’s troubles give us wonderful hindsight for later circumstances. We change how we handle things that come our way, even changing how we would do something the next time we encounter the same situation. We mature and we may take the time to think longer or think things through more thoroughly. We gain patience, and if you do what I do, I pray for patience all the time. I pray for the knowledge of how to do something.

Life is about nurturing and comforting when someone, or something, is hurt. Through time, and becoming older, my age has brought a slowness, that isn’t from moving slow but from taking the time. Taking the time to look, think, and ponder about things. Nurture yourself and others when you need to. Find something that brings a comfort to you. Read. Find a hobby. Give yourself time to enjoy life.

We cause our life to take different paths, and the longer we think about the path that we want to take, the better the choice of our path will be. We may not choose what someone else will choose, and that is ok. It is about you and your life. Find what is right for you. When life seems to have a different path in front of you than what you thought you would take, then take that path. Remember, you can always back track later, if the path doesn’t seem quite right for you.

Paths take us on our life’s journey. Many paths and many directions. Take the time to use the knowledge and the wisdom that you gain along the way to decide what direction you want your journey to continue. It’s ok to stop and stay where you are, or take a little longer before moving on. But life won’t wait on you. Life continues on. We have the choice do stay and do nothing or to move along.

Enjoy your journey. Allow your life to grow and change. Look forward to the changes, as it can bring a wonderful, new feeling.

As I grow and change, I find a peace within me. It is a comfort for me to allow my life to go where it takes me. I don’t think and ponder the paths in front of me. I know things happen for a reason, and I allow God to guide me. My journey has become a journey of finding more peace. My journey has centered me, and that is one reason that studying Centered Riding has appealed to me and for my love of horses.

Life is good if you let it be. Let the opportunities, that happen along the way, happen for a reason. A good reason. A reason that is right for you. Enjoy your life today.

Come along on my journey with me, and as always, "Embrace the Journey!"


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this message.

"My journey has become a journey of finding more peace."

I couldn't have said it any better myself.


Horses Are Our Lives said...

thanks, Lisa. I think we all find comfort if we are at peace, with life, or with whatever is happening in our life. Sometimes, it just takes a long time to find that peace. But I am finding that once I feel that peace, I find it sooner each time I need it. I search for that feeling within me, sometimes similiar to the feeling I search for when I ride.


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