Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Visiting Makenzie

I’m visiting Makenzie in Colorado. And also visiting her mommy and daddy, too. But I have really missed playing with Makenzie. Our last visit together was early February, when we met Sara, Jake and Makenzie in Chicago, and flew on to PA to visit Makenzie’s Great Grandparents.

I picked up Tom from work and we left Lincoln at 3 in the afternoon on Thursday. We hit wind, rain, snow and 32 degree weather, and it felt like the trip was taking us longer than normal. It probably felt this way because I wanted to get there so bad! Sara said she would kept Makenzie up so we could see her when we got there. I just knew we were an hour late and Makenzie would be in bed! As we headed south from I-80, and had 45 minutes to go, I told Tom we were going to be later than we thought. He reminded me that our time in the Tahoe was an hour later than Colorado time, which I knew. But after 7 long, windy, very loud windy, hours, the brain didn’t function as fast. So, yes, Makenzie was still awake when we got there, since it was 9pm their time, and ready to play with Grandma and Pop, even though she should have been in bed for the night an hour earlier.

Wow, has Makenzie changed her looks in 2 months. Her face is much thinner, and she lost her baby look. She is so happy and talks a lot! Imagine that!

Sara worked on Friday, and Jake and Pop worked in the house while I got to watch Makenzie! Hard job.

After breakfast and her morning nap, we played and played and played!

We played with farm animals and farm people. We played with music toys. We played with puzzles. We hugged her baby doll.

Makenzie took her baby doll for a ride on her horsey.

After lunch and a short nap, we played some more. Tom and Jake went for some parts for a light in the kitchen and for some fencing. Makenzie and I played a little more, then she took another short nap.

She scratched pop's back.

We had supper, and since Makenzie only took 2 1-hour long naps, she was tired. She went to bed but started fussing an hour later. She threw up! Yuck! I gave her a bath while Sara and Jake cleaned her sheets. Poor little girl. Then during the night, she threw up again, but Sara didn’t find the mess until morning. Yucky! I gave her another bath!

Sara had to go to church to practice bells, Jake worked, and Tom went looking for an extra tire for one of our cars. Makenzie and I watched the dogs play outside and she ate some crackers. She was still tired, so she took a 3 hour nap. I just existed. I did a little computer work, but didn’t accomplish much more than that.

Sara came home and Makenzie woke up with a slight fever.

She just wanted to lay with her mommy for awhile. Then she got up to play and lounge on her chairs.

Sara fell asleep and Makenzie played with me. She sat on my lap and watched the dogs play outside. Today is very windy and too cold to even bundle up and walk outside for a few minutes.

Makenzie lounged on her bed, played some more, and we sat and watched the dogs some more.

Now she’s down for another nap. I hope she wakes up without a fever. We will be coloring Easter Eggs after dinner!

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