Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ride Time

I had a nice ride today. After almost 6 months since my last ride, I actually
had a good time riding Starlet in the field. It's taken a lot of time to get
here, but it feels good. I didn't even tear up this time when I rode. I'm
glad. I want to get back to having a good time when I ride. I have missed

The other thing that feels good is that I just put out an email earlier today to
all my last year's lesson people. I am ready to start lessons, and schedule my
summer morning lessons. The house, barn and horse trailer are all back to
normal since moving the store inventory home. What a big job! This has been a
very busy 3 weeks, with a trip to CO thrown in there too. Parents are here this
week from PA, so it's hard to stay in the barn for more than a couple of hours
with them visiting. But tomorrow, I'm going to ride Chick and pony Startlet -
those mares are so fat! They both need worked each day!

Then I start again with Shaggy. He walks up to me to be petted all the time. It's time I give him the time and attention that he deserves.

Anyways, just wanted you to know I'm back to riding, so if you have any
lesson/training/trail riding needs, or just want to go on a day ride, I have

I will get a Centered Riding Introductory day scheduled soon, I hope. I would like to teach the exercises, first to the riders while they are off the horses. Once the riders have an understanding of the exercises on the ground, then I’ll have the riders on their horses. Food is always an incentive. Maybe I’ll have a free ride time, except for the cost of the arena, have a potluck meal, then do a couple of hours of the exercises. I hope to build up some interest for Centered Riding.

I’m so glad to finally feel like riding and to have taken a ride. Starlet better watch out - she is going to lose some weight. Shaggy should be fun to finish, as he is ready to move on!

Come along on the ride with me!


Sara said...

I'm glad you had a good ride and that it was relaxing for you! As always, a little weight coming of Starlet will be a good thing. That mare makes me laugh when she lopes and the crest of her neck jiggles! I know I am really sore from the last two nights of riding. Peaches was an absolute rock star! She is going to be great this year...hopefully we can work on some newer stuff with her (trail and lead changes). Rode Roz last night...2 hours later, a very wet saddle pad and a not so clean headstall later I can say my butt stayed in the saddle and we got her rode. She had a couple hairy moments but that mare can lope! Tell G&G hi for me!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Can you say "loping in place". She is too fat to cover much ground! It was a good ride. Glad to hear that Peaches is going so well. Just be careful with Roz. She'll come along.


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