Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Snow on April Fools Day...

and it's no joke! This is crazy! Tom and I are on our way to see Makenzie, Sara and Jake in Colorado. We left eastern Nebraska at 3 pm and it was 86 degrees! We hit wind half way across the state. Temps starting falling and fast! It seemed like the temp dropped 10 degrees every 1/2 hour. Now, we are in eastern Wyoming, near Cheyenne, and ready to head south. We hit snow and 34 degrees! What is strange are the clouds in the distance. It's not quite 8 pm here, the sun is setting, and you can see a layer of light between the low clouds and the higher, thicker, snow clouds that are just lingering.

By next week, I hope to be back to riding, training, and giving lessons full time, or at least as much as I want to. Right now, I need a few days rest. What a job moving the inventory to home, cleaning up the store, and selling racks. I still have the 4 display cases (2 of which I used for checkout) that I have decided to sell.

I was exhausted last night! The house is a disaster and the barn has stuff everywhere. Next Monday, I start cleaning up my office and lounge space in the barn and moving my office there. Then the barn gets spruced up. My house needs some major organization, as clothes, books, and other boxes from the store are everywhere. I guess I should have stayed opened 1 more month, but I'll start getting things on my website and start selling on ebay! I'll try to get to some shows and events to sell some things there too.

I want to be outside now. I have 1 or 2 training horses coming in over the next week or so. I plan on getting riding lessons started next week too. I am interested in starting the adult group back up and giving more individual lessons.

I plan on putting on some introductory horsemanship clinics locally, either morning or day clinics. I may even try a Friday night ride time, as an introduction to Centered Riding exercises.

For training, whether it's a day, or week, or month, of training or riding, I plan on specializing in solid basics, trail maneuvers and desensitizing horses.

I would love to do some horsemanship clinics, for both kids and adults, with or without teaching the Centered Riding exercises. I would like to work with groups, 4-H clubs, or individuals who want to get a group together, for an hour or longer, of instruction time.

I left 86 degrees in Lincoln to come to CO to see Makenzie for Easter. Pop wants to hunt Easter baskets with her. We are in western NE and it's in the 30's now and spitting snow, no April Fools here!!! 35 now!!! Now in eastern Wyoming, it's 32! Brrrrr

After next Monday or Tuesday, first nice warm 70 degree day, I'm playing hooky and riding? anyone else?

Come along on the ride with me!


The Messick Life said...

Have a fun Easter!! That is funny that you hit snow on the way. What a big difference! Well have a great time playing with Kenzie!! Tell her Aunt Amber says Hi!!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I will, thanks! We'll have to see what Caden got in his basket!


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