Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Monday, April 26, 2010

First Day of Training

The first day of training always begins with free lunging. The horse is in the arena. Halter only. No Saddle. No lines, except for the one that I am holding. No other horses.

This is bonding time. The horse TO me. Some may say that this is to establish dominance. Up until this very moment, that is exactly what I would say. But now, it is something different. I am getting into the mind of the horse. Yes, partial dominance. But mostly it is about what horses do. They play. They run. They lay their ears back. They establish dominance. They establish guidelines of what horses can do do what things and what other horses can not do those exact things.

Now, it is my turn to establish those guidelines. The horse pays attention to what I want. We do what horses do in horse world, except I am there. I am the Boss Mare. I tell everyone what to do and when. I protect them. They respect me.

I love to free lunge. For me, it is the true moment of knowing exactly what the horse is thinking. I see the horse's personality of the moment. And I decide if that personality will stay or if it needs a little adjustment, or a lot!

During free lunging, I change the horse's direction. A lot. If the horse gives me any attitude, like kicking out, head shaking, defiance in any way, we change directions a lot! When the horse lunges quietly, licks his/her lips, turns and walks quietly to me, I rub between the eyes and we quit.

We walk quietly out of the arena until the next day. We end on a good note. The horse goes back to the hay.

The horse is happy. I am happy. That is what horses need to have manners and, eventually, to enjoy the ride.

Come along on the ride with me!

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small farm girl said...

I need to get a round pen. lol.


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