Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Thoughts

Duke as a 3 year old, he's 15 now. I'll post more about him tomorrow. 

           I have made some promises to myself for the year.  The first was to ride as many days as I could, weather permitting.  I’ve yet to start riding, but the sun is out and it’s going to be a beautiful day.  I’m riding today!  I know others rode on New Year’s and the day after, but the wind was terrible on New Year’s and I had family plans the next day. Then yesterday was pleasant, but a little chilly, and I was just too tired to do too much.  I did almost nothing, even though I tried. I was just tired from moving the clothing and tack back home after closing the store for holiday shoppers on Saturday. We traveled to CO twice for the holidays, which I loved. I worked 6 days a week  the first 2 weeks of Dec, we had 2 grandchildren birthdays, and yesterday was my first day I was home alone. I was ready to do nothing. I did a few things, but it didn’t account for much.  Today, I’m in overdrive, as I’m doing household expenses, store expenses and reports, blogging, bills, planning CTR’s and vacations, drinking coffee, and just feeling better!

Second, I want to exercise/yoga/pilates/ whatever more this year.  I really don’t care what exercise, but something more than horse chores.  The middle age “middle” is beginning to happen and I don’t like it. I’ve been wanting to get an elliptical machine, as that helps movement in all the joints, which goes hand in hand with my Centered Riding. I’ve yet to start exercising this year, but I did put a week in at the gym before Christmas. I love Groupons and Living Social coupons. I got a membership for me and my hubby, only paying $19 each for unlimited usage.  It will get expensive if we don’t start using it again. I have 10 more days left so I better start!

            Third, I want to work on being more gracious.  You know, the kind of lady that just smiles and is gracious to people around her, no matter what the situation or environment.  She smiles, says things are fine or welcome, takes you by the hand, and makes you feel welcomed.  Well, I’ve only seen this done well in movies, but that is the type of person that I want to be.  No matter what happens to me or around me, I smile and say, well, everything is going to be ok, or so nice of you to be here too, or everything will work out. And things usually are fine or work out, but it’s nice to have someone nice around you.  So I’m not sure how I’ll do but at least it’s a thought in my head.  And maybe, if I stop and think, that thought will pop out and put some nice words in my head to say.  Here’s hoping, anyways!  LOL

            And 4th, I want to get back to blogging every day.  Even if it’s just hello and what are you doing?  Or put across an inspirational saying that I came across on Facebook, or start reading the bible or other inspirational/personal growth books more and put out a saying.  Just something.  I enjoy doing this blogging as it gets my thoughts out of my head to make room for all of those nice sayings that I’m suppose to have.  I found that as I worked on my chat, Horses Are Our Lives, I blogged less. I want to incorporate the 2, and what we talk about on the chat, I’ll blog more about it.  Like right now, we’ve gone through the Centered Riding Book 1, each chapter at a time.  I’ve outlined the chapter, gave my thoughts, and others posted their thoughts to discuss. I’ve decided to post each chapter and thoughts here too, starting next week, and go through Books 1 and 2. If I talk about the exercises, by the time spring rolls around, we will know them, understand them, and ready to implement them and practice the while we ride.

So I missed blogging each day already, but I’ve made up for it today. 

Sunday, Jan 1.  Happy New Years. We had pork and sauerkraut for supper.  This is our traditional Pennsylvanian good luck meal.  Friends came for New Years Eve, keeping us up until 2:30!  LOL  The kids and mom stayed over and Hubby cooked us scrapple, hash browns and egg, ham and cheese omelet for breakfast.  Friends left, and hubby and I finished watching a movie, as it was too late to go to church.  I need to rest a little longer, but then watched the 2nd movie, Last of the Dogmen.  I just love that movie!  I was feeling really tired, but horse water tanks needed filled, and horses needed to be grained.  I made myself go outside to help. And I’m so glad I did. I felt so much better once I was in the nice, crisp cool weather.

Monday, Jan 2.  Still a holiday. Family came to watch the Penn State Football Bowl game.  First, they helped me unpack some of the trailer, and we brought in all the hanging clothes that were left over from the store.  My basement looks like a store now!  We snacked on a meat and cheese tray and a veggie tray.  We had pork sandwiches for supper. And then it was time for showers and to relax. The days go by too fast sometimes.

Tuesday, Jan 3.  My first day home alone in a long time.  And I was tired.  I’ve already talked about that. I should have just laid down on the couch and read a book and napped (which I never do, except for Sundays when the weather is terrible out). I did a few things, but nothing worthwhile blogging about. LOL  Hubby started a new job, so the highlight of my day was hearing how excited he was talking about what he will do.  And he brought Chinese take-out home for dinner, and that made the day better.

Today, Jan 4th.  I’ve started my blogging promise.  I’ve starting thinking about how and what to say to be gracious.  I’ve made the promise to ride this afternoon.  And I’m to meet hubby after 5 to go exercise. The day is off to a great start. I hope the sun shines all winter!

I've pictured Duke above. I plan on riding him a lot more this year. I'll post about him tomorrow. Have a great day everyone!

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