Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Starlet's new baby

 Starlet is special.  She is my horse. She is not Sara's, or Jacob's, or Micah's.  She was born after the kids had their own horses.  She was born to the kid's first 4-H horse, Skipa, who taught everyone to ride.  Once Skipa was too old to compete, or so we thought back then (I wouldn't think that now), she was going to be sold or become a broodmare. I am so glad we bred her, as now we have Starlet, who is all mine.   Starlet, the story of who she is and who she became, will be a story for another day, as her story makes me a little sad, but I grew alot, at her expense.  Then Starlet became a lesson horse, and then she is a mama. 

Starlet is a great mama!  I just love that special nicker!

 And now another little girl.  She will teach the grandbabies to ride!

 Skipa is the grand-dam.  I am the grandmother who will teach my grandchildren all I know about horses!

What a sweetheart.  I squated down and she came to sniff me.  She put her mouth on my cheek and sniffed.  She gave me a "horse's kiss".  She just took my heart! She will always be mine just as her mama is mine.

 She tires, and then she just plopsdown, not gently or gracefully yet, but her mama is  close by.

With a small star and snip.  And she sleeps. All the time.

She doesn't even care that I am pestering her. I am about 3' away!

She just puts her head back and sleeps, contently.

I wonder what her name will end up being???


Sarah said...

what a sweet baby girl! I look forward to seeing and hearing about her growing up and also hearing Starlet's story

Horses Are Our Lives said...

thanks Sarah, the foals are all sweet when they are this young. I'll tell Starlet's story on the winter, when I have more time to write about it. Thanks for asking about her.


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