Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah's Last Day

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

After 25 Years

You have a calling. That was Oprah’s message today. With a stormy day yesterday, today was wet and muddy outside. Today was a “going to town day” and when I got home, while drinking a cup of coffee, I turned on the television to view Oprah’s last television show.

Some of what Oprah said:
I knew this is where I was suppose to be.

What sparks you?

Take what you have and make the most from it.

The Earth is your stage, your talk show, your platform.

Every day, you are showing people what life is for you.

Help someone, listen, give, heal.

You have the power to change someone’s life.

Everyone has a calling.

You carry whatever you are suppose to be doing, and don’t waste anymore time.

Newton’s Law: For every reaction there is a opposite reaction.

You are responsible for the energy that comes to you.

Everyone seeks validation. Do you see me? Do you hear me?

What you say matters to me.

And Oprah talked about God.

Be still and know. Everyone has a voice that speaks to them. Wait and listen and hear.

God is love. God is life. Your life is always speaking to you. Speaking in whispers. Something is odd. That makes no sense. Then it gets louder and louder. First a Whisper. Then a Thump on the head. Finally, a brick wall falls on you.

Your life is speaking to you. What is it saying.

Spread the story. Make someone feel that they matter. What you have to say matters.

Genuine kindness, love, validation.

And then Oprah’s 25 years of what we knew was over. But then a new beginning. I wonder how much more Oprah will do for the world. She lifts us up. She helps people. She is there to listen.

We can all learn from her. I will take a few days and reflect on what I heard today. And listen to all the reviews of her last show. And begin to change, hopefully for the better
Because Oprah brings out the best in people.

I want to be like her. And not to think about what is wrong but about what is right. And what could I do to make things better. And how can I make the world a better place. And what could I do to help others.


Sarah said...

she is a very inspiring lady. I don't agree with all the things she supports, but I admire her for using her fame to influence things for the better. I always liked that she turned her show into a "positive and good things only" show instead of letting it be a trashy talk show like the rest.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Sarah, same here. Sometime, I wondered why she did have some of the topics on that she did, and I didn't watch her that regularly! It would have been interesting to see all the topics! But, like you said, she did try to have all positive thoughts come from the show.


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