Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Arizona Vacation

April 30-May 7, 2011

I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Hubby and I went south to Arizona the first week of May.

Makenzie stayed with us the week after Easter. We took her home to Colorado on Friday and flew out of Denver on Saturday morning. We stayed north of Phoenix, about 30 minutes away, near Peoria. We stopped at the grocery store and shopped on the way to the resort. By the time we were registered and unpacked, we only had time to sit outside and enjoy the sunset.

Temps were cooler Sunday through Tuesday, but by Wed, temps were to be in the mid 90’s. We were so ready to feel the sun after our cooler weather during April in Nebraska.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, we drove in to Phoenix, to see downtown and visit the Wells Fargo museum. Wouldn’t you know it, but the museum was closed on Sundays.
We walked past the Orpheum Museum.

 Hubby read the info about the City Hall building.

I thought the sun burst above the front doors was very interesting!

We drove past a few of the large churches in town.

 I love the detail of the windows.

We took another route back to see the area, and relaxed at the pool area.
Monday morning, we enjoyed a light breakfast while listening to local businesses share information about area tours, etc. We had decided to do a tour to the Grand Canyon on Tuesday, rather that drive there ourselves. We were 3 ½ hours south of the canyon, and a tour driver would know exactly the best places to view the canyon and we wouldn’t have to worry about parking.


Sarah said...

Arizona is so diverse! We enjoy trucking through there. My parents vacationed at the Grand Canyon a few years ago and they both say its the best vacation they have ever taken. I look forward to seeing it one day.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Thanks, Sarah. I only wished I could have stayed in the canyons longer, just to soak it all in. I hope your travels are going well!

lisa said...

I love your blog and I think I really need to come over and read your blog more. I have had some really major times with my horses and I read your previous two post and finally kicked myself in the rear and realize that if I want to get beyond where I am at I have to work harder than I am! It has been hard to be around the positive because for one not to many people have been close enough to where I live to associate with and my family doesn't care for the horses much just me! So, I have just me for any positive feed back. Long story short thanks. Wish you lived closer ;)

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I love Arizona. We even thought about moving there until we found out what hay costs!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

thanks Lisa and GP! I understand about famiy, Lisa. They do understand how much horses mean to me, but my brothers, sisters, BIL, SIL, don't talk about horses with me. Just set small goals, and don't overwhelm yourself. GP, I'm sure hay prices are high, cause not much grows there!


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