Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Photo Time

I have a lot of interests, as I’m sure you do. And if you don’t think you do, then just think about what does interest you, what hobbies you have, what do you like to do, what do you like to watch, and pretty soon, you have lots of interests.

One of my interests is photography. I had a camera when I was a teenager, and I took a lot of pictures. I’m sure a lot of my photos where out of focus. I’m sure a lot weren’t very good. But I don’t remember those pictures. All I remember was that I took lots of pictures. Mostly of my horses. And some of my nieces and nephews. And then waited for the film to be developed.
Today, I love the ability of instantly seeing what shot we have. And the ability to delete!

I’ll never have a way with words. Not like The Pioneer Woman. Not like my friends, Tammy of and Sheila, of Half Broke Horses. They can all tell a story, and make it so real. They make me laugh and they make me think I am right there beside them. I think I’m too boring of a writer. I do write from the heart though, and I think, every now and then, I do have a good story.

But now, I think I can show what I’m thinking through pictures. I’ll give it a try anyways.
Just like a lot of websites before me, I’m going for a theme a day. I’m sure I won’t get a new photo up every day, but I’ll try. I’ll make sure to have a new picture every couple of days though! I’ll make sure to get busy now, and have plenty of photos in the archives!
And you'll be able to view these photos here, but mostly on my other blog, Pictures by Brenda.
So here’s what I’m thinking on themes:

Sunday Stills: because Tammy, of Horsetrailriders, and Ed, of Sunday Stills, revived my interest in photography. I love the challenges. I love the different topics. And I really love seeing what other people are taking photos of and how they take that photo.

Macro Monday, to work on those close ups. Of Everything. Horses. Flowers. Gardens. Trees and Plants. Nature. Sunrises. Sunsets. Sky and Clouds. Storms. Mother Earth!

Tacky Tuesdays: Bridles, Saddles, and Pads. Bits, Stirrups, and Leather. Trailers, Trucks and Hitches. Anything about tack and horses and trailers.

Wooden Wednesdays: Anything made of wood. Wonderful Barns, Antiques, Trees, Fences. wonderful!

Thursday's Treasured Moments: The Grandchildren. Mares and Foals. Horse Photos. Endless opportunities of a peaceful, quiet way of living.

Friday’s Furry Friends: Our Horses and Pets, Lady the Springer Spaniel, Posie the Australian Shepherd, and the 3 Beagles, AJ, Daisy and Ace. The Barn Cats. And the Grandchildren’s Animals, which include kittens, puppies, pigeons, rabbits, and whatever else happens to come live with them, and with us. All animals, furry and friendly. Fantastic!

Saddle Time on Saturdays: Time to hit the trails, even if it is just riding the fields. Hopefully, it will be of the trails that I ride each year. I hope to add new places every year!

I hope to add a new photo every week, but I can’t promise every day. That is my goal. A camera on my hip. Taking pics of my grandbabies, my horses, flowers, hills and trees, sky and clouds, the garden, and the day around me.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Let me know what you think, especially how I could improve the shot. How would you take the shot?

Maybe next winter, I’ll take a photography class.
Now, to get this post copied to Pictures by Brenda. And start taking pictures!


Rising Rainbow said...

I'd like to take a photography class sometime. Hope you get to take the one you want.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I'll probably wait and take a class next winter! Right now, maybe I should try reading through the book that came with the camera! lol maybe I'll buy a photography book before taking a class. Let me know if you take a class too. I see internet classes all the time, but I'd rather have a hands on class with a live instructor.

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, I LOVE the weekly challenges! I like having to come up with new things!


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