Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunrise From an Airplane

The whole horizon is seen, from as far east as you can see to as far west,
After the dark night sky begins to lighten
From deep dark blue, with a few stars shining through
To royal blue, bright and brilliant, my favorite color
Turning to light blue, the color of my grandbabies eyes
On to the lightest blue, that of baby blue,
Then to mint green, and odd color that I wouldn’t have thought I would see in a sunrise,
Changing to a very pale yellow, softly mixing with the orange, turning to a yellow orange
Which is florescent orange, brilliant and so pretty against the night sky.
Orange-red to red-orange,
The red is almost a magenta color, with a hint of purple.
But there is only a dark purple line on the horizon,
Framing the dark earth.

The layers of the orange just astound me with their colors. So brilliant, the orange is making up almost ¾ of the sunrise.
The bright blue sky is getting larger as the black night sky is disappearing.
The stars are gone as the sky lightens.

The sunrise lasted a long time as I’m flying south. I’m glad to have had a window seat facing east. I really need to make myself get up earlier to see more sunrises.

This one is spectacular.
And so inspirational.

The light is reflecting off the clouds as the lowest layers of clouds are taking on the orange hue. The sky is lightening as the orange lessons and the yellow color widens. Royal blue is becoming lighter until it reaches the lighter blue of the morning sky.

As I take a deep breath, I feel relaxed.
I had started to daydream, enjoying the peace.
I had just been thinking of Finny and I know he is at peace.

Among the clouds, God is talking to me.
I need to listen to what He is saying.
I hear, “enjoy the horse/s you have and enjoy them to the fullest. When they leave you, they are with me.
And they are safe.”

And the sky lightens and the sun starts to shine.
Morning is here.
A new day begins.
And the mourning is over,
With a new resolution and understanding begins.

Thank you, God, for my morning inspirational devotion.

With the clouds below me, I feel like I am in the heavens.
If I close my eyes, maybe I can feel Finny beneath me.
my galloping friend.
The clouds below seem like they would make a very soft bedding.
But I can’t sit here and reflect and remember too long,
As it still makes me sad.

And the sun suddenly appears very bright and obvious, sending it’s glow along the horizon.
Maybe there is something obvious in front of me that I just need to be able to see.
There is a sun that will spread its sunshine around me, warming me, and making me smile at its beauty.

That thought makes my heart not so sad anymore.
When I think of Finny, maybe I need to think about the sun.
Always there every day, whether we see it or not.
Always warming my heart.
Always brightening my emotions and soul.

The sunrise colors are gone and the sun is here.
A new day is in front of me.


JJ said...

What a beautiful post! I know I don't comment a lot here, but I do read your blog and enjoy it! I just wanted to let you know that you have an award waiting for you on my blog!!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

thanks, JJ. and thanks for the award on your blog. I enjoy reading about your Morgans.


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