Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Comes to an End

As 2010 comes to an end, I think about the year that I have had. I think about happy times, and about some sad times. I think about what I am blessed with. I think about all the wonderful times that are now part of my memories of 2010.

I’ll start with my saddest times, as I’m hoping that, as the year ends and another year starts, the sad memories are replaced by acceptance and happy thoughts. This past year, with each moment that I thought about Finny, I have been sad. As the year went by, I thought I would be over the hurt and anguish of losing him. But as a good friend and some of my family know, I’m still very sad. I understand everything that they tell me, and I would tell another horse owner the same things, but it doesn’t lessen the pain yet. I pray that 2011 brings me some of the peace that I know my heart needs.

Some of my wonderful family times include a vacation in the sun and beach for hubby and I,

traveling to Colorado for Easter,

and again in June and December to watch the grandbabies play together. We were there for the birthday celebrations of 2 year old Makenzie in CO in December

and 2 year old Caden later this month in Nebraska.

We had many summer afternoons swimming with Jacob, Amber and Caden.

They were also able to come with us to CO for Makenzie’s birthday, and we are so thankful that we had that family time together. Micah wasn’t able to come, as he is still in College and going through finals, and I look forward to the time that we are all together again.

Micah was able to be at Caden’s birthday party and I enjoyed seeing the 2 brothers together, if even for a short time. We tried to get together to watch football on Saturdays as often as possible. We miss seeing Sara, Jake and Makenzie often, but this week, Hubby and I are spending the last 5 days of the year with them at their home.

We traveled to PA twice this year. Sara and Jake were able to bring Makenzie in February and we had a gathering with both sides of the family.

Once again, it was great to see family members that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Tom’s mom is in great health at the age of 90 and my parents are 83. That is wonderful that they are here to enjoy our children and grandchildren with us.

We celebrated my parent's 65th Wedding Anniversary in October.

For my horse business, I have the memories of another vendor booth at the Nebraska Horse Expo. I attended a AAHS, American Association of Horsemanship Safety, clinic in Georgia in May. I rode Shaggy in a Centered Riding Clinic in Colorado in June and I rode him for 4 days at a Peter Campbell Clinic in Omaha in September. I also took my 2 year old gelding Duster for the Foundation Class.

I got my first gaited horse, 4 year old Savannah, a TWH (Tenn Walking Horse) in June.

I competed in 2 CTR’s with Savannah in the fall, and I was thrilled with the rides she gave me, as young as she is.

I purchased Dixie in May, as a backup trail horse and as a lesson horse.

I also took a mini out to Makenzie in June and it’s great to see her love of horses, and of all animals, blossom! She sure loves her bunnies, and chickens, can kitties, and dogs, and horses, and Pody! Caden is enjoying seeing the horses too, and loves to pet them whenever we walk to the horse lots.

I have wonderful memories of Tom and I on a quiet Thanksgiving Day, giving thanks to our family, even though they couldn’t be with us that day. We enjoyed a movie together and some down time. With another grandchild on the way in April, we are remembering that we need to spend more time together with our children and grandchildren. The babies are growing too fast and we don’t want to miss out on too much of their lives.

Centered Riding continued to provide the path of the journey that I am on. I am and hopefully, will always be, searching for the life with horses where I was meant to be. I am teaching other riders the Centered Riding exercises, and will continue to train on horses with that same centered and balanced principles. As I study and learn, horses get deeper and deeper into my soul. The lessons that I have given this year have shown me, that with a Centered Riding influence, we can change how we ride and how horses respond to us.

I want to wish all of you a Happy 2011 Year. I pray the New Year bring you the love and peace of family and friends. I pray that you have the life of horses that you are meant to have also. Remember to enjoy what you have, as we are all blessed by the quality of what we have and what life gives us.

“Embrace the Journey” that you are on.

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