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Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting Last Minute Gifts

Yesterday was the first day of winter. I'm sitting here, looking outside at 4:30, and it seems like dusk is starting already. I'll be ready for the days to get longer.

I have Christmas shopping about you? Did you get anything horsey for anyone (who you know won't be reading this)?

Sara will get some westerny dishes from the store (but she knows that already, she just doesn't know what). I’ll surprise her with one other small item.

Some of the guys are getting some shirts from here. And maybe a few small “guy” things from Dad. Hubby loves to shop the almost-free items from Menards Home Store, and gives the kids a box of odds and ends. And all 3 kids, 2 of who are married, anticipate and love their box of items. Some years, there actually were pots and pans in the box, other years had extension cords and hammers. Anything on sale with rebates, that once redeemed and gives you the items for free, is game for buying for “The Box”.

One of the girls are getting clothes from here. Nice, winter wear. Warm and Cozy.

Some are getting some Ariat shoes. Once again comfy, with great arch support!

Catching the drift yet? I've shopped from the store for a lot of my family! But why not, it's here. I'm here. Perfect fit.

The 2 2 year olds aren't getting something horsey, but they got (Makenzie for her birthday_/will get (Caden on his birthday soon) a large horse stuffed animal. And a horsey or John Deere Book. But their Christmas gift is something else, but I can't post here until we see Makenzie on the 30th! Sara better not be peeking, as we took the gifts out when we went for M's birthday. Caden is getting the same thing, so I hope Jacob and Amber can keep it a surprise from Sara and Jake that long!

Tom opened his gift today!!! It came in the mail and he beat me to the mail! Surprise honey! But he said he didn't know what it was until he was telling me on the phone, and I said, no that was your gift, so I kind of blew it too! I'm not saying what so maybe Tom will forget about it (probably not) but I don't want Sara (who is on here) to ask him about it and remind him. Maybe he will forget, or actually act a little surprised.

Then something is coming tomorrow, and I told him NOT to get the mail. I told him about staying away from Thursday's mail, but forgot to tell him about today's mail. bummer!

Did you get my other drift? Who I didn't shop for from here, the gifts are coming in the mail, barely in time for Christmas! I love And but didn’t shop there for Christmas. So what isn’t here at the store was at Amazon! Almost everything, except for Tom’s one gift! It was a gift card, and that is all I’m saying. You all can try to guess for what! And keep it clean.

oh well....time to go home tonight and trim the tree. It's only been standing since last Thur or Fri undecorated. But it's at least it’s in water. I think it will look pretty with lights, some balls, and maybe some ribbon trim. Hmmm…

I wanted to make Peanut Butter Kiss or Reese Cup cookies. Maybe that will get done tomorrow night, or Friday night.

What about you? Are you ready?

Anyone making any vegetable that is not Green Bean Casserole? My family loves it, but I’m getting tired of it for ALL the holiday meals. Help!


Rising Rainbow said...

Nope, not ready here. The tree is decorated and some shopping done but still a few things to take care of there. Also wanted to make fudge. The ingredients are sitting on the counter and I work tomorrow. The fudge may not happen nor the doll clothes I was hoping to make. How come wanting to isn't enough? I think the things should just appear because I thought about them. It would be so much simpler that way. LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like it's going be a very special and fun Christmas for everyone in your family. Lots of surprises, too.
No horsie gifts for anyone here, except a bucking bronco wooden ornament for my twinling Jax, who was bucked off of Bella last summer. I always give my kidlets special ornaments each year that match up to something they did that year or their interests.
I think Jax will get a kick (ouch) out of that ornament on Christmas morning, what do you think? ;)

Happy Holidays to you and your family,

Horses Are Our Lives said...

It's just a great feeling when everything is done and you can sit back and relax!

RR, Maybe remembering what we used to do is just as good as doing it! It will be this year for me, anyways! My tree finally got decorated.

Lisa, it's hard to surprise the married children sometimes! But I like the idea of trying to surprise them! I love the idea of ornaments each year. We used to give the kids an ornament when they were little, and got away from doing that. It is a great idea! love the bucking horse idea! lol

have a great Christmas!


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