Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby Jesus draws us back to Church

I wanted to go to church Christmas Eve to feel closer to Jesus. I wanted to go to church Christmas Eve to sing Silent Night at the end of the service. I wanted to feel the peace and quiet of the church. I wanted to feel the “specialness” of the church during Christmas time.

But we had a misty rain that, when the temps decreased to below 32 degrees by 4 pm, left a slick, icy layer on everything. When I stepped out on the gravel driveway, my feet were slipping on the slick stones. When my son came to spend the night, he said he was spinning coming into the driveway. I wondered if that was because he was coming into the drive too fast???

Regardless, I figured by 11 pm, the roads were going to be ice. Even though the small town church was only 5 miles away, I didn’t want to be out on icy roads. Christmas church would have to wait until the Sunday after Christmas.

Hubby and I went to church religiously every Sunday morning. When the kids were toddlers, we rarely missed a Sunday. While the kids were in grade school, they had Sunday School, as well as the parents. Then horse shows began to take our Sundays, and before we knew it, the kids were teenagers, and Church attendance decreased. We had summer shows and winter barrel races. We still went to church every Sunday we were home.

Over the last 2 years, hubby and I have gotten into the bad habit of “just existing” on Sunday mornings. His work schedule was terrible, sometimes 7 days a week. When we had a free morning or afternoon during the winter months, we wanted to sleep in, have a good breakfast and do nothing.

On one hand, that was good. We needed down time. But on the other hand, we started to attend church less and less. Then that became habit. Then something was beginning to be missing.
I need church in my life. I need to say the Apostles Creed. I need to take Communion….the actions of Communion. I need to sit quietly in church, feeling the presence of the Lord.

I needed Church during Christmas time. I love tradition. I love Christmas songs and decorations.
We attended church this morning. It wasn’t the same, since our old pastor moved on to another church. We have a new pastor, and I wanted a sermon based around the birth of Jesus. As he preached on the Old Testament passage, I daydreamed about the time when Jesus was born.
It doesn’t matter where we remember the baby Jesus, we just need to remember Him. He brings us hope and peace. He brings the peace that we search for.

During this holiday season, bring Christ into your life. Remember what He can do for you. Serve him and rejoice. Baby Jesus is here for everyone. Joy to the World.

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