Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas Tree is Finally Up!

We have finally decorated as much as we are going to decorate this year. Tree, stockings, and a few decorations around the house. Holiday tablecloths are on the tables. A few red and green candles on the buffet. And I placed a large red candle holder vase on the island, with a white candle inside.
Why does it take so long to do something that you really want to do? I used to love to put up lots of Christmas decorations. I still do. But I just ran out of time this year. And energy. And desire. What happened?

I feel like this year is the end of doing things like how they used to be done. Next year will start a new way to doing things. For now, this year is a transition year.

The tree came into the house last weekend. The lights and balls got on tonight. It only took me a ½ hour to find the tree decorations. They are ALWAYS in the same spot, and last year, I must have changed the spot. I had to move a few other Christmas decoration boxes to find it. But I finally found the box of lights and balls. And the angel that goes on top.

The stockings were found and hung. Well, actually, laid on the hearth. I didn’t bother to find the stocking holders. A few wooded nativity décor items were placed around the house. I didn’t bother to put out the larger Nativity Barn, people and animals. A few welcome signs were hung. I didn’t bother to put out the other 3 boxes of décor items. I didn’t even set out 1 Christmas House.
Why bother? Because something is missing. Next year, I am going to bother myself to do more. I am missing all the decorations. I love having the Christmas Houses out. I either put them on the buffet or table as a town or I put them around the room on the tops of the bookcases or shelves.
I usually have Nativity Sets everywhere. I have a Santa display. I love all the Christmas houses. I have welcome signs, and wreaths, and garland, and bows.

Never mind that it usually takes me a week to get everything out. The end result puts you into the spirit of Christmas, because Christmas is all around.

Christmas is still all around me. I just need to be still and feel the peace and love of the holiday.
I love Christmas Eve services. I love the traditional songs. I love leaving the church after singing Silent Night.

Christmas is here, and all around us. Remember the birth of Jesus, the shepherds and Wise Men, and the Reason for the Season.


Tammy said...

I don't know what to call it here. I was so stressed about not having shopping done & then in 2 days, I got it done & wrapped & wonder now what all the fuss was about that I was feeling. Someday, I hope to get the holiday feeling back. I lost it several years ago. It had less to do with my immediate family and more to do with trying to fit the extended family in. Perhaps that is the change that needs made. Keep it simple. Yeah...right.

Have a good one, Brenda.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I know. I spent some time internet shopping, then went to 1 store for 3 other gifts, and I was done. I think with family, keep it simple. Try not to do too many things in 1 day, or 1 weekend. For me, family isn't an issue because our family is back east. But now I have to start working around the boy's schedule and when to go to Sara's. For me, I try to have things planned out a month in advanced. I try to clean the weekend before. Shop for food early in the week. Without kids in the house, it's easy to stay picked up. I just have a few piles in my office! lol

Stop, regroup to refresh. I'm going through that now - trying to realize what I have. But it seems that the more I try to be calm and at peace, something happens to break that calmness.

For now, enjoy the holiday season. What's done is done, and it's time to relax!

I've been thinking of you. haven't heard from you lately.

Merry Christmas, Brenda


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