Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peter Campbell Clinic Day 2

SATURDAY, October 2, 2010

Duster: stand still while being rubbed with the flag, lead better at the walk and trot.

I continued to work Duster with moving him with the bag, from side to side and reversing. Touching him all over. Having him stand still. Duster turned when he was suppose to, without coming in to me. He stayed at the end of the lead rope. He kept his full attention on me and was not worried by anything else in the arena. He didn’t care when the steers, on the other side of the cement wall, were being fed. Duster learned his 1st lesson very well and today was lesson #2. Duster still didn’t want to lead without lagging behind, and he was not going to trot.

Duster needed to free up his hips and move them over. His horse helped to push Duster’s hips around. Peter moved Duster around with his mare to get him to disengage his hips. He held Duster’s head close to the horse, and asked his horse to move, and by doing so, Duster HAD to move his hind legs. His movement became freer and freer and he started crossing over with his hind legs instead of just stepping sideways.

Peter led Duster from horseback, asking him to move forward without hesitation. Duster would pull slightly against the lead rope then move forward when he felt the pull from the lead rope against his halter. I know some of the hesitation came from not knowing the horse that he was asked to come up beside. The mare pinned her ears, telling him to stay away from here. Eventually, he walked and trotted freely beside the other horse.

Shaggy: Reversing at the walk and trot, trotting out.

Shaggy had to be light, meaning giving to the bit in all the transitions. He was to stay light, reversing with lightness, with head and neck down, and with jaw down and to the inside. Our exercises today including MANY reverses. Reverse in a circle to the inside at the walk and at the trot. Reverse at the same rate of walk or trot. Walk, stop, ask for lightness, back and walk or trot off. Repeating this many times. Trot out, posting at the trot. Sit the trot and ask for lightness. Walk and stop with lightness. Trot out, trot slow, walk, stopping with lightness, back. Pause. Many transitions. I think Shaggy is beginning to stay lighter and he is beginning to not toss his head with the trot.

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