Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kanopolis CTR

October 22-24, 2010

Last week, I was preparing for the Kanopolis CTR. Located near Marquette, Kansas, just north of Salina, the park is a beautiful place to ride. The pictures don’t do it justice. With a mixture of canyons, river views, and prairie, it is a breathtaking place to ride.

We had fantastic weather and a fantastic ride! It looked like it could have rained at times on Friday, but it went around us, and we stayed dry all weekend.

Both Saturday and Sunday started out a little chilly, but you only needed a light jacket if you had other layers on. By the end of the ride, we were down to short sleeves. The ride is beautiful, but I didn't take as many pics as I wanted to. I rode with Shari, and as always, she is awesome to ride with. Wiley was a calming influence for Savannah, and we had a near perfect ride by Sunday. The stony hills are a challenge, and this is a great place to ride if you are thinking of going to the mountains. This is a tough ride, as I think 5 horses were pulled due to lameness on Sat, and another 2 on Sunday.I was very pleased with Savannah. I didn't think I would have a good ride, because she was very uptight on Friday afternoon. Even after an hour pre-ride, she was ready to go! I was ready to sell her or give her away.We ended up placing really well. Savannah was 3rd and I was 2nd out of 7 riders in my division. Now, I may just keep her!

Shari placed 5th in CP (Competitive Pleasure) and Wiley placed 2nd. And, they achieved a 1000 miles of NATRC Competitive Trail Riding with this ride. Congrats, Shari and Wiley.

My friend, Virginia, placed 3rd in both Horse and Horsemanship! YEA! I got to visit with Jonni from Trot on Hank, and she placed 2nd on Horse and 5th on Rider in her Open Division and with this ride, achieved the National Championship! I had a great time talking with her about her Tevis Ride this year!

Saturday obstacles started with a rocky decline with both judges watching. We had to open and move through a very heavy gate, that swung open away from the rider and downhill. As soon as you opened it, it swung open fast. I only had to open and go through, but even with watching other riders, the gate swung away from me fast and I left go of the gate. CP and open had to open and close the gate.

We had a judged mount after a P&R, and Savannah stood still. We had to lead the horse up to a mounting block and mount. After another P&R, we had to walk to the judges and back between 2 trees. Savannah did well at this, but wouldn’t come forward between the trees, which wasn’t part of the obstacle, so I just backed her a little more and walked around the trees. I don’t think I lost any points for doing that. CP and Open had to back between brush.

On Sunday, we had to take a detour off the trail to a rocky area. We had to walk down a steep rocky hill, while CP and Open had to step down from a large rocky area. At another obstacle, we had to continue walking down the path, and walk over a very large log. Savannah, with her long legs, had no problem. CP and Open had to side pass a smaller log, while stepping over a branch on the log at the same time.

After the last P&R, we came upon the last obstacle with the vet judge. We had to step up on a large rock, about 2’ high, with the horse's two front feet only, and settle. Savannah stepped up and stepped back down instantly. I asked her to do it the 2nd time, but she backed off again instantly. We’ll have to work on standing still longer. After we left this obstacle, the Horsemanship judge was hiding. As we walked up a hill, he was watching to see if we were riding heavy or off the cantle. I only saw him because there was a hiker at the top of the hill. As I looked back to tell Shari there was a hiker, I saw the judge up behind the rocky ledge, and waved at him! Lol

All of Savannah’s P&R’s were great. She made all of her metabolic points. When we checked in on Friday, she started loping and acted up a little, getting her a 4 for attitude. We were to check out on Sunday with the same attitude, and anything less would mean missing points. She actually started loping again on Sunday, but I don’t know if we lost points. I didn’t stay for awards, as the trip home was almost 4 hours. I was thinking of staying with Shari, and following her home, but decided to leave. The cards will show up in the mail soon.

My thighs were sore on Monday! I think I hold with my thighs going up hills, to help hold me off the horse. I think I better start keeping more weight in the stirrups, and hold less with my thighs. I better keep moving , as it hurts a little to sit down and stand up. By the end of the day, my legs were almost back to normal.

I was only able to ride 2 CTR’s this year, but I can’t wait for next year’s schedule! I’m ready to keep riding the trails and competing!

“Embrace the Journey!” Come along on the ride with me!


txtrigger said...

Great to meet you in person! Now I need to work on my much to silent blog

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Yes, Jonni, I am so glad we had a chance to visit! I meant to get over to visit again while you were waiting to check out, but then decided to leave early. We will need to visit longer next time!


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