Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Starlet and Chick Went to the Field

Starlet with Duster

Today wasn’t as nice as yesterday, temperature wise. Low 60’s instead of 70’s. The clouds were out so the sun wasn’t. Sitting inside, it seemed dreary. My friend Virginia texted to see what I was doing, and I told her that I should be riding and working my young horse. I asked her if she wanted to come ride one of my horses, since I wasn’t in the mood to ride Shaggy today.

I went out to get Starlet and Chick out of the muddy lot. What a mess. It is going to take weeks to dry up. This week is suppose to be dry. Now I’m hoping for some wind so the mud dries up sooner! I just rode Chick yesterday, and you would think she could stay clean for 1 day! But nooooo. She just had to go and roll, and she must have rolled 4 times by the amount of mud in her mane and tail. How in the world did she get mud in her eyebrows?

I had started grooming to get some of the mud off before Virginia arrived. Starlet isn’t as messy. Virginia came, we finished grooming, saddled and headed to the field. Virginia rode Starlet and I rode Chick. Starlet was a little goosey and I wished I was riding her. Chick was acting better than she did the day before. I told Virginia that I wanted to change horses since Starlet was ansy, but my Virginia said she was fine. But as we rode, I wished I was on Starlet, since she was the horse I rode before I started riding Finny.

We rode for about an hour and a half. We followed the road and the waterways, as the harvested fields were still wet. We followed the edge of one soybean field to a CRP land. Once into the grassland, we could go anywhere. We reminded each other that it was hunting season, so we watched for hunters. We rode the edge of the grassland to a clump of trees, walking over some logs. We headed into shorter grass to the top of a small rise, and let the horses rest. We looked at the trees in the distance, noticing how barren everything is. We turned the horses toward the barn, as my friend had to leave in about ½ hour. As we rode to the edge of the grassland, we kicked out 2 deer. They followed the tree line between the grass and the harvested fields. Chick perked her ears and watched the deer intently. I could feel her quiver but she never moved. Starlet was watching the deer until they left our sight.

The horses were relaxed as we rode back to the barn. We past the dog kennel, and the dogs laid quietly, used to me riding past them. Unsaddling went faster than saddling. There was no use grooming as the horses would go out and roll. We walked them back to the muddy lot, until the next time. I’m hoping for wind so the mud disappears.

Next time, I will have to work Shaggy. I’m getting excited to see how he rides. Come along on the ride with me.

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