Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Front Row: Jake, Sara with Makenzie, Amber with Caden, Brenda
Back Row: Tom, Jacob and Micah

I am Thankful this year for my family, and my growing family of 2 wonderful grandchildren.


I am thankful for many, wonderful memories of Finny.

I am thankful that I am going back to what I truly love, which is riding horses and helping people with their horses.

I am thankful for:

H Horses.
A All my friends and family.
P Pleasing sceneries of the many colors of the sunrises and sunsets.
P Play time, riding the trails and CTR’s.
Y You! My friends. Thank you for understanding how I feel.

T Tom, My loving husband of 28 years!
H Helping people to learn and understand horses
A And for the new career choice of teaching Centered Riding, and for teaching people about horses.
N Needing this time of year to always being thankful for what we have.
K Kind people and kind horses in my life, and to be kind, honest and trusting.
S Sara, Jake & Makenzie, Jacob, Amber & Caden, and Micah, all of my children.
G Being a Grandmother this year.
I Being an Individual and learning who I want to be and what I want to do.
V Thinking of Valentines, which is all about love, and reminds me to be more loving.
I For becoming more Insightful about life. Seeing life for what it has for me.
N For seeing all that is Nice in my life - family, horses, my desire to teach, and for all of the opportunities that are in my life today.
G And, finally and always of, God, who is loving, peaceful, and understanding, and patiently waiting for me.

And I am most thankful that I have had Finny, a wonderful horse in my life for the past 8 ½ years. I am thankful for all of the wonderful rides and times that I have had with him. He has taught me so much about the wonderful ability to ride and to feel. Without him, I wouldn’t have learned what I have learned, and for that, I am eternally grateful to him. He has taught me to appreciate all the horses in my life, because I’ll never know how long I will have with them. He has taught me to be kind to the horses that I am involved with, because I’ll never know how long I will have to teach them and for them to influence me. He has taught me to enjoy the movement, as each horse is eager to go. He has taught me to enjoy the ride.

I will always miss you, Finny. I am so thankful that you were part of my life this year.

Blues Grand Finale, “Finny”
May 26, 2001 - October 10, 2009


Sara said...

You would think we were all Penn State fans or something! You needed a picture of Kenzie in her cheerleader outfit because it is way too precious for words! We missed you on Thanksgiving Day. I'm glad we got to celebrate ear1y though. Sorry I didn't call on my way home from work today. It was a rough day. Had a chance to write on my blog finally and that will let you in on my day because I don't think I can really express how sad I was. Talk to you soon.
We Love You and Kenzie sends Hugs and Kisses!

Horses are our Lives said...

We are Penn State! lol Pennsylvania will never leave my heart, even though we are miles away! I'm not sure I have a pic of Makenzie standing up, showing off her cheerleader's outfit. You'll have to take one, and send to me. I just read your blog. You'll feel better soon, I promise! Isn't hormones a bummer? I'll talk to you soon! Love you too, and give M a big kiss and hug from me!


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