Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

It has been a Week

Where has the last week gone? The past week has been extremely busy and I think it has caught up with me. I have been tired all day today. And feeling a little sad and overwhelmed.

First, my parents came into town for a week’s visit. They were so excited to be here as they have only seen Sara and Jacob’s babies once. Sara, Jake and Makenzie were coming home for the weekend. We were having our Thanksgiving meal while they were here. Jacob, Amber and Caden came up both days over the weekend. And Micah and his girlfriend, Amy, were here on Saturday also. Micah came back up on Sunday to go hunting in the morning.

In the meantime, I had made arrangements to rent a bobcat and get my lots cleaned. I was lucky enough to get a local business to haul my manure away! And he was able to bring me 2 loads of sand. And he brought a load of dirt to replace muck with solid packed ground!

Busy people are great, but they are busy. I had the sand delivered last week, and 2 loads of manure were hauled away. A day later, 2 more loads. Another day, 1 load. This week is going better. I spread the sand in the arena. 3 loads were taken on Tuesday and 3 loads on Wednesday. 1 lot is clean. The big lot is almost clean. We thought we would get it done on Wed, but a broken spring on the dump truck caused a 2 day delay. Wednesday, I continued to move the manure to a large pile. I spent from 8 am to 5 pm outside, with only a break at lunch time and an afternoon break. I was exhausted last night, falling asleep at 9 with a glass of wine in my hands.

My parents were leaving today. Dad decided to have his muffler checked yesterday. It wasn’t the muffler making the loud noise. His engine had a part that was almost breaking. Repairs will be done by Friday, maybe Saturday.

Mom has slight dementia. It is good that they are still able to visit. The visits are hard though. Mom repeats her self often. We need to watch what she does, all the time. She forgets what she has done, or what she has taken. My dad must be tired. He enjoys these visits, as it gives both him and my mom a distraction.

Today, the tiredness and lack of sunlight was hard on me. I sent a thank you to be published in the NECTRA newsletter, thanking everyone who helped me at the Indian Caves CTR when Finny colicked. I was in tears again. I miss him so much.

I need to enjoy the time that I spend with my parents. I am glad that they are here to see their 2 newest great-grandchildren. I am glad that they are still able to visit.

I think if I slept better, I would feel better. Hormones and menopause are playing havoc on my body. I wake up at least 3 - 4 times a night. First hot, then cold.

Changing career plans again. Closing the store. Finding a horse for CTR. Parent’s health. Holidays and family. A lot is going on. I’m tired.

I need a down day. I need free time. I doubt I’ll even ride that day. I just want to sit and re-group. Ever have a day like that?

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