Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vendor Booth at the Horse Fair

3 long days at the Great Nebraska Horse Fair are over.  I'm glad I went and sold a little bit , but the crowd was not a big one! I only did about 1/3 of sales of previous years, but it was still worth going.

Dogs were everywhere though, and I had to tell people they couldn't bring their dogs into the booth.  I hated doing that, but the booth was big enough to walk around, but no extra room.  And dog's shed! I have too many clothes to take the chance. 

We had left the horse trailer loaded with the racks from the store (I had re-opened through Dec for holiday shopping).  Some of the boxes were in the trailer also. We just had to load all the hanging clothes and a few boxes of clothes.  Wed night, we took the racks and boxes and unloaded at LEC.  This took about 1 1/2 hours, so that wasn't too bad, with Jacob, Amber and Caden's help.  Tyler hung out in the stroller!

Thursday was set-up and I worked from 9-almost 6.  The Horse Fair was Fri 9-8 and Sat 9-8, but we starting packing and loading up before 7 on Sat night. Our other son, Micah, came by 6:30, and Tom and him moved the horse trailer closer and carried out saddles.  Then, since we were a little early to pack up, I had them carry out the boots, which went into the SUV and will stay there to take to the Tack Swap at Chance Ridge.  Now, it's about 7, and others were starting to pack up.  I packed up the jeans and they went in with the boots. I'm not sure what else I'll take to the Tack Swap, but the car is packed, about 3 weeks early! LOL  I think I'll take all the winter clothes and mark them 60% off!!!

We had all the racks loaded back into the horse trailer by 8:30, and most of the boxes.  Micah had to leave, and Tom and I had about another 1/2 hour of work.  I am so glad we loaded up last night and not this morning!  Especially since we knew about the time change, but I didn't change clocks, and we slept in!  Then with the time change, we really slept in!  We never do that, but it felt good!!!

I did well enough, considering that the Horse Fair was poorly attended.  I have plans on having a booth at the Chance Ridge Tack Swap and a table at the Shaggy Show in Lincoln (Jennifer, is you still want to help with that).  I'll carry a few things with me to the trail rides, and little by little, my inventory will dwindle down!

I donated a bunch of t-shirts to HETRA for their Blue Jeans and Dreams Benefit Fundraiser.  The event is after the Tack Swap at 5 Star Stables in Omaha. I hope some will go to both!

If you want to attend, it is $50/ticket, I think, but it is a very worthwhile donation!!!!  Let me know if you want to go, and we can reserve a table if there are 8 people!

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