Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Shaggy's Side

Poor Shaggy!

We've had extremely warm days and the horses haven't totally shed.  I had rinsed him Friday before going to my Western Dressage Group lesson.  Saturday, I rode Savannah since I was riding the fields with friends.  Tom had actually caught Shaggy for me while I was getting another horse out, but decided to change horses.  We would have noticed this Saturday or at feed time.

It looks like Shaggy laid down late Saturday or Sunday morning and rolled to get some loose hair off. I only have a dry lot here with limited grass, and I think the dirt clumps stuck to the loose hair, and since the loose hair isn't entirely loose, it pulled all his hair off!!!

 I've never had a horse do this. This looks so sore. I'm treating it with a product like Vetricyn, which sprays on and turns into a gel. I also have Microtek spray for skin problems and fast healing. I sure hope this starts to grow hair soon, and not white hair.

I've heard where you can rub bacon grease on areas and hair won't come in white. What do you think? I sure don't want this area to be white. But, first, I just want him to heal.

I'm just glad that today is windy and the flies that are starting to come are blown away.  The gel is also keeping flies off of it!

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mrscravitz said...

GALL SALVE! I sent one of my horses out for training, and guess what? THey used an ill fitting saddle and she came back with saddle sores.....I used the Gall Salve it she never got white spots. WORKS GREAT!~


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