Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Photos

October 1st, Hubby and I went to the Arbor Day Farm with Micah, Jacob, Amber, Caden and Tyler. The 1st was also Sara's birthday!

 There were lots of hands on activities for Caden, while Tyler got pushed around in his stroller.

October 2nd, the mares and babies were in the lot beside this tree area.  The babies got used to traveling between trees and brush, getting ready to be trail horses.

 Lots of areas to zig zag around and logs to cross.

The babies had a good time playing in their, loping all over the place!

I finished decorating the main bathroom.

I just love my horse towels!

The spare bedroom is ready for the grandkids to sleep over, and their horses are waiting on them!

Meanwhile, the toddler bed is just as cozy!

The leaves are beginning to turn colors by the end of the first week of October,

Tyler is  6 months old! He is really beginning to laugh and coo!

The 2nd weekend in October, I had a Centered Riding Clinic in Kansas. I changed so much about my riding, and have been practicing in a new "used" dressage saddle. I'm working hard on trying to certify from Level 1 to Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor.

We took Caden to the Pumpkin Patch.

Which pumpkin to pick?

We found a pumpkin for Grandma, Caden and Tyler!

 Pop and Caden loved the cut-outs!

Showing off the pumpkins with Pop.

Caden loved the bounce house!

 Then talking with the lonely rabbit!

Caden spent the night, then we took him home. He missed his baby brother!

Pop and Tyler

 Tyler is really starting to slobber! Those teeth must be coming!

The leaves have really changed colors by the end of the month,

We did need to say goodbye to one of Micah's beagles, AJ, this month. I think we gave her a really nice final resting place.  We left her collar on her. She needed to have something of Micah with her.

Micah had a birthday this month too.

I had a CTR at Whispering Pines, Missouri,

It was a lovely area,

Savannah is turning into a great CTR horse, but I'm looking for that Arab,

We weaned the foals,

and the mares are in the lot where I can see them from the living room window. I just love this look.

  Pop relaxes with Tyler any chance that he can get, on the recliner!

Halloween ends the month. The boys are super-kids.

I wished I had pictures of Makenzie too. She was a princess and Sara made her a lovely dress. I'm sure I'll be taking photos of her in her dress when we see her at Thanksgiving!

And that was my October, and why I wasn't blogging much. Winter is coming, so there will probably be too many blogs soon!

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