Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am pooped! Literally!

Can you guess what I have been doing lately?

Yes, cleaning horse lots!

Tractor with bucket and blade is ready!

Other tractor with the manure spreader is ready.

One horse lot is clean!

Now for the large pile that has been composting since last year. We didn't get this spread out in the fields last year, and then we added this year's manure. 2 years worth to spread on the fields this year!

Imagine this pile twice as long! This is going to take forever!

Especially when you only do one load every 15 minutes! The neighboring farmer allows us to spread our manure, but this year, it is 2 fields away!

Imagine that the manure spreader holds 6 or 7 loads from this bucket.

  The horses are wondering when we will be done!

We worked since last Thursday! Thursday and Friday, we only did 5 loads each day, as something needed to be fixed on the manure spreader each day. The chain broke. Some boards broke. The smaller chain broke yesterday, but luck was on our side. Hubby had ordered that chain 2 years ago and the old chain was replaced within the hour!


Hubby only spread a few loads, when I went to the restroom or made sandwiches. Do you know how many loads there were? 60!!!  I counted the rows out in the field!

I had a lot of time!

Imagine what else I thought about. Post to come on that! LOL

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