Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Concentrate on What You Have

As I was watching the video of the Yoga instructor performing the stretches, I thought to myself, “I will never be able to stretch that far”. I saw her poise, and thought, “I’ll never look like her, with those long and graceful, almost ballerina-like, moves”.

But that is not what should matter, I thought instantly. I said the same thing out loud to Hubby, maybe to reinforce my thoughts. He said, that is correct. Anything you do is going to help your body. I know that whatever I do, I’ll be able to stretch further and not have that soreness around my neck and shoulders. I want to do this to improve my balance, which will transfer to my riding. I’ll do this for myself and not for anyone else.

As I stretched last night, (I need to change the time to mornings, but that is on tomorrow’s topic about setting a schedule), I focused on myself. I mirrored the stance of the instructor. I watched, I went in the poise, then I looked to see how she looked. I’m realizing, and she stated this also, that your body will realize when something is right. I’ll go into the pose that is comfortable and right for me now. As I learn, I’ll be able to stretch more.

Towards the end of the session, one comment the Yoga instructor said on the dvd was to let gravity stretch out your body. I came to understand that as I was stretching. Standing, and bending over from the hips, with my head down, I could feel myself relax.

As I relaxed, I could feel my back let go a little and stretched down a little, without me trying to do that. It was an amazing feeling to just totally surrender and relax, with no “holding back” and just let my head and arms hand down. I’m sure by the end of the session, I was ready to relax. In a quiet room, listening to the soft music and soothing tone of the instructions, I could close my eyes and just be there. Go into a position with breathing, stretch, close eyes, breathe, and relax. That sounds soothing just writing this and re-reading this.

I need to think about changing my Yoga time to morning. The instructor said that there is something spiritual about Yoga and stretching first thing in the morning, with the morning sun coming up and the quiet and peacefulness of the mornings. Maybe that is when I’ll do most of the stretching, but I can already tell that I’ll want to end the day with a few stretches, before my shower. I can tell that to relax my muscles at the end of the day will be just as soothing to me as starting my day with Yoga. Yoga allows the body, and the mind, to relax.

Yoga slows you down, lets you concentrate on deep breathing, allows you to slowly stretch out your body, and relax. Yoga is calming and peaceful. Maybe I’ll need to do a few Yoga stretches before riding too.


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I need yoga. But I don't have time. Which is why I need it.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

GP - too funny. Yes, I'm going to HAVE to make myself stick to a time to keep doing Yoga, especially when I get busy!


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