Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Reflections

Sunday mornings are my time for reflections. A time for me to sit back and enjoy life. A time for me, to look outside and daydream and think. All the while, enjoying my mug of coffee.

With the chill this morning, I’m sitting by a fireplace, toasty, with a coffee mug close by, always full. Lounge wear, including thick socks and a wonderful, Kerrits brushed fleece sweatshirt, is keeping me warm.

High 30’s, low 40’s are warm temps compared to mid-winter minuses, but when it’s cold and damp, it can just be downright chilly. I would rather deal with 10 degrees and a crisp morning than 30’s, damp, breezy day, and that usually comes with mud.

Yes, spring is here. Last week was lovely, 50-60’s with one day near 70! This past week, not so much, with 40-50’s, some windy days, some rain. Then we woke up to that dreaded 4” of snow Friday morning, only to be gone by noon, leaving more mud.

I will be ready to see blooms like this, which we don't have yet!

Back to reflections. Like the reflections off of water, what you see may not be directly in front of you, but off to your side, above your head, or somewhere in the distance? Where you stand and the angle of what is being reflected determines what you see. One little ripple in the water changes that appearance, and things may not seem as they appear.

Isn’t that how horses are? You see the horse in front of you, but that may not be where the horse “is”. The horse may be looking elsewhere, to the side or something behind you, far in the distance. Your horse appears confident, but may need you to build his confidence. A horse may appear calm, but may need you to be calm so he feels what calm is. A horse needs his leader. The water starts somewhere. Where do you start so your horse stays with you, each and every moment you are with him/her?

What is being reflected back at you through the horse’s eyes? What is the horse thinking? What is the horse revealing about him/herself? Is there a quietness and calmness there, or are there turbulent waters? Does the horse travel peacefully, like a lazy river, or do you feel the rapids? Do you hear the thundering waves pounding as the horse gallops, or do you hear the gentle ocean waves lapping the beach while you lope in control? Water can be controlled, and so can your horse’s emotions. Find a way to bring both you and your horse to those safe waters.

Isn’t that how life is? Water can reveal much about our self. And about others. And about horses. As I see quiet waters, there is a peace and a calmness. I feel relaxed. I have a feeling that is where I want to stay for a long time. I can sit, and be still, and take it all in. I feel the quiet waters drawing me in, letting me be there peacefully, enjoying my time there, without rushing.

Now to bring that calmness to everyday living. To bring that calmness to the horse. To find that moment of tranquility in the hassles of the day. Picture the moment of calmness that you feel when you see or think of water. For me, the soft lapping of water on a beach makes me smile, and totally relax, especially as the sun sets. For me, the quiet river, nestled among trees makes me feel closer to God and to feel that He is with me always, and brings me peace. For me, the hot water running down my back in the shower, after a long day, takes away any stress and soreness of the day.

Water has so much healing powers. If you let it. If you let it! Think about it…do we take the time to see what will calm us and relax us? Do we take the time to let, what we enjoy, embrace our lives, and bring us peace and happiness? Yes, let it happen! Find that moment, that minute, every day, to find that place that is your heart and soul and where you want to be.

Water. Trees. Mountains. Beaches. Horses. All God’s creations. All good with the right mindset, in the right hands, and with the heart and soul of peaceful waters.

Enjoy your day. Enjoy any moments of tranquility that you have. Learn to bring those moments to your life when you need them most, if only for a minute. Take that time to bring yourself back to God, to his creations, to yourself. When you have the need, take it. Take it for yourself. Take the time for your horse. Take the time for your family. Take the time to be the person that you want to be.

As I ride this week, I will start the ride with a picture in my mind, of those tranquil waters. I will end the ride with a picture in my mind, of a trail leading through trees, looking down on a calm lake or river. As I ride, I will feel the peace of the horse’s soul as my soul finds that same peace. I will end the day, allowing that warm water to bring it’s relaxing powers, taking away any tension.

As I finish my coffee this morning, feeling the heat of the fireplace, I feel the calmness inside me. I breathe deep and enjoy the moment. Nothing else matters. I have the love of a good man. I have the love of a good horse. I have the love of a good dog. I have the love for the country and for nature, and nothing else matters right now. I feel God’s love all around me.

“Embrace the Journey!”


Annette said...

I think many times I do see the horse in front of me but like you said, fail to see where the horse is.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Annette, the wonderful thing is, once we start to realize things about horses, and about ourselves, we learn! Then we realize the next thing, and we learn. Everytime I see the horse in front of me, the horse is always somewhere else than the time before. We change. The horse change. And hopefully, we change for the better! Have fun "seeing" that horse in front of you!

Rising Rainbow said...

The horse I just got back was pinging off the walls when he got here. He is finally beginning to relax and be calm. Every now and then that old tension returns and I sure feel sorry for him. Poor guy, don't know what got him so stressed.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

RR, I'm sure he missed his home. He just needs you.


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