Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking for an Endurance Horse

Photo of barn we saw. I didn't want to show any of the horses since I'm not interested in them. I pictured this barn for the construction - cement block frame, which hubby always liked due to the structure. Notice how the sides and windows were put in with the blocks turned sideways to allow air flow, allowing the horses to see each other, and to see outside. Smart planning!

A couple of days ago was our 30th Anniversary. Monday, I went looking at some Arabs, to potentially do Endurance Rides. That was a fantastic Anniversary day, to do something horsesy. Afterwards, we stopped to see Caden and take his mommy some flower plants for her birthday.

I’ve decided on looking for an Arab for CTR and Endurance rides. Why would a Quarter Horse fanatic want a different breed to ride?

Why would I want a smaller framed horse when I’m used to having a 15.3 hand horse under me? I’m used to a horse with a larger framed body and muscling. I’m used to horses who act like big puppy dogs, after some years to mature. I love the QH big stride of the trot and wonderful, deep lope. I love covering the ground in a collective, smooth canter.

Arabs are known for their endurance abilities. They are bred to cross the dessert. With a large heart girth and nostrils, they have the ability to take in a lot of air. Their fine legs gives them the agility to move. Their light muscling keeps them from tying up and their thin skin helps with cooling down. And their “want” to move out and go makes them a popular choice for those riders who want to move out.

Arabs cover the ground, ears perked, and ready to move out. No different than a sensitive QH, Arabs can move un-expectantly. Arabs have a ground covering walk, but they can trot all day. And I love a big trot on a horse. I better find an Arab who has a big trot, and loves to go!

The main reason I want an Arab is that I want to move out and go. I want to have a horse that will be competitive at endurance rides. I want a horse with a lot of heart and a lot of try.

I want a horse to be my riding partner on these fast trails for the next 5 or 10, or longer years. I have Shaggy for trail riding, Centered Riding, and dressage lessons. I have Duster coming along to become a buddy as much as Shaggy is being. And I have Starlet’s new foal that we are expecting to follow in them.

I’m looking for another horse for another reason and for another style of riding. That is why I’m looking for an Arab. Maybe looking for an Arab brings the excitement back to riding. Looking for an Arab makes me want to ride Shaggy for a different reason than for competition. Shaggy is going to be my “go to” horse for everything else. The Arab will be my “go to” horse for when I want to compete.

The search continues. And like Caden, I'll be wearing my helmet, too!


txtrigger said...

I found Hank on the Arabian classifieds:

Also, watch Craigs list. Might find a diamond in the rough.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

thanks, Jonni, I have checked with the endurance chat group, and my daughter is always checking for me. I have 2 or 3 other prospects. I'm really hoping to find something for this year's CTRs and then maybe I'll try a 50.

JJ said...

I don't think I've ever seen a barn with the stalls made of bricks like that. Kind of cool and a lot more difficult for a horse to destroy I imagine. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect Arabian. Now not to be pesky, but if you want a trottin' horse, you need a Morgan ;)

Horses Are Our Lives said...

thanks, JJ. The only bad thing about a brick bldg that I can think of is that if a horse kicks the wall, they will hurt themselves!

oh, if I only wanted a trotting horse, I would stick with my QH's! lol


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