Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

We are on a Journey

I am reminded that we are all on a Journey. The Journey is ever revolving into a life that we could never have imagined, but we can imagine it now, if we let it be. I have made changes in my life with horses, from how I act around them to how I teach. I am continually making changes to be the best person that I can be.

My Journey into Centered Riding has changed my whole life, from how I think, to how I feel, and to how I respond. I’m searching for that place in the universe where I am meant to be. I’m searching for something inside me that brings out the best in me. I’m searching for the gifts of knowledge and patience and empathy. I’m searching for the power to teach in an understanding way and to give the rider and the horse exactly what they need. I’m searching for the “how.”

I’m searching for what is the best for me. But I’m also searching for what is best for me, AND my best buddy, Tom. I want what is best for the two of us. I want what is best for my children, and now my grandchildren. I want a life, rooted by the Centered Riding philosophies. Centering can be part of your life, bringing out the how and the who, by bringing out the best in you.

I feel an overwhelming need to get this right. And to pass it along. I want others to have this centering and this feeling, and to develop this bond, not only with their horses, but within their life. I want them to find that feeling, deep down in their core, where they are right with the world.

I’m starting to feel that the person needs to find what they need, and to work on that. When the rider has discovered what is the most important parts of their life or of their riding to work on, then they find that special peace. We may always be working on that area of our life or our riding, but pinpointing what it is, understanding it, and knowing that we are working on developing it, brings a sense of relief, and a sense of peace. Maybe that’s where to start… think about what you need and start there. Fulfill that need first, to be able to move on. Care for yourself before you can care for others. Understand what you need in your own riding. Give yourself time to develop into what you need, both from yourself and from your horse.

I feel very spiritual today. I feel that God is not only in my life, but within and wrapped around me. I need Him to show me the way that is best for me. For my family. For and with horses. If I follow God’s plan, then that is what is meant for my life. His way has to be the best for me. He will show me how to respond to horses. He will show me how to teach to each individual. He will guide me in my Journey.

What Journey are you on and how has your journey changed your life? Maybe you haven’t thought about this before, and maybe you can be aware of where your journey is heading.

A special prayer goes out to a very special person, who needs to find that special place within her that she is searching for. With all my heart and soul, I prayer that God grants her that special feeling that only she can know and understand. I prayer that she has a overwhelming sense of fulfillment and peace. Hugs.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Beautiful heartfelt and thoughtful post. I won't load up your comment section with the thoughts on where my journey seems to be leading, except to say that it never seems to be a straight course but rather at the whim of the winds :)


Horses Are Our Lives said...

Thank you, Lisa! You sure can share your thoughts about your journey, as each person has a special need and a special course, designed only for them. You are right about the path! When you think you are on the "straight and narrow" way, there is a major curve coming up! I like the idea of going with the wind.

Hope to hear about your thoughts. Our journeys seem to be constantly changing, so what works today may be different tomorrow.


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