Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Long Thanksgiving Weekend

It sure has felt like a long weekend, and I really didn’t do anything strenuous or time consuming to make it feel long. I didn’t even ride, as there was just something going on every day and the time just flew by. I’m glad we are having a quiet day today. Well, almost quiet…

Thanksgiving Eve day: I worked the store. I had a little bit of business, which surprised me because I thought it would be a slow day with no business. But kids were out of school and a few customers did come in. I came home and finished chores with Tom. Tom had finished blading lots all day.

After supper, we got the turkey ready to put into the oven in the morning - got the roaster out, rinsed out the turkey, broke up bread into small pieces for the stuffing, cut up onion and celery for stuffing, put bread in the roaster lid and placed in oven to dry out a little, and put everything else in the frig to mix together in the morning.

Thanksgiving Day: I slept in a little and didn’t get the turkey in the oven until 8. Tom and I did all the chores in the morning, so all we had to do was to feed dogs and cats at night. I watched the parades, going back and forth between Macy’s and the Hawaii (I think) parades. The turkey was ready to eat at 1. Since it was only hubby and I, we only had turkey, stuffing, gravy and green bean casserole. And a glass of the Moscato wine, which was really good. It was spicy and tangy like a Piesporter, but a little bubbly too. We ate and hubby took the meat off the turkey bones while I cleaned up dishes and put leftover away. We went to the movies and saw Russell Crowe’s Last 3 Days. I always get buttered popcorn, but I think that will be the last time. $10.50 for a small popcorn, and large pop that Tom and I split, is just way too much! Geez, no wonder we don’t go to the movies very often. If they didn’t charge so much, we would go more often, and they would make more money off of us! Pure economics (which usually I distaste talking about). We came home to do chores, which, by after 6, was in the dark. I finished the night watching Trump’s Apprentice while Tom watched football.

Joe Paterno's statue at PSU, State College, PA

Black Friday: Tom and I opened the store from 9-2 and had a few customers. Hubby went to Orscheln’s feed store for dog food and salt for the horses. Jacob, Amber and Caden picked up Tom a little after 1 to bring him home while I closed the store.

Tom watching football while Caden and Amber look at a book
We were going to watch the Penn State game (since we are from PA and are big fans!). Don’t you know it, I locked the keys in the truck when someone pulled up, asking about feed which I don’t sell anymore. I was distracted, and out of habit, just shut the door, AFTER hitting the lock. That would have been fine, but the keys in my hands were the store keys, not truck keys. After a phone call, Amber was kind enough to bring me the other set of keys, without the 3rd degree that I got from Jacob and Tom. Guys! Wait until they do something the next time - I will not leave them off the hook!

Tom, Amber, and Jacob watching the game while Caden plays.
After watching the rest of the ball game with them, we had our Thanksgiving Dinner. This time, I made fresh mashed potatoes as well as having the turkey, stuffing and gravy. Amber brought the green bean casserole as it seems to be a favorite in our family. She also made a delicious fruit salad, except I don’t like the marshmallows, and a great looking apple pie. Caden played a while longer, but everyone was too full to have pie. Jacob wanted to take the pie home, since we had an apple pie that I had bought and baked also. But Amber’s apple pie was homemade and she dished us up 2 pieces So they went home and we saved the pie for the next day. Our pie went into the freezer for another day.

"Oh, no" Caden says.

Saturday: Tom and I opened the store at 9 again. I only had to work until noon, then met Tom over at Jacob’s to watch the NE game, even though we aren’t NE fans. Jacob picked his dad up at 10 to go over to Menards to pick up drywall with the truck. After the game, since it was already late afternoon, we headed home to do chores. We had turkey leftovers for supper - hot turkey and gravy sandwiches. I‘m sure that we‘ll have turkey leftovers for a few nights. Then, same as every night, I just existed on the couch. Once again, stuffed!

Sunday Stills "Self Picture" with cap on, getting ready to feed horses.

Sunday: We always sleep in if we can. Hubby had me awake at 6am, then 7am, tossing and turning. So I got up and left him sleep. I fed dogs, cats and 1 lot of horses. Then I took self portraits of myself for Sunday Stills. I wanted some of the horses in the pictures with me!




Once hubby got up, he made me an omelet, which we does almost every Sunday morning. Delicious!

We had sold some old equipment that was just lying around, getting rustier. This morning at 10, Shari’s husband was getting the tires off the elevator. He came and took off the tires so he could take them and put new tires on the rims. He had to haul it 30 miles on another day. He would have had to haul it another day since it’s too windy to move today. Another person came to put a battery on the old pickup that he had bought and drive it home. But then they realized that a hose was leaking so they went home and got their flat bed truck to haul it home. In the meantime, Traci and the kids came to ride their 3 horses. I wished I had gone outside and had taken pictures. Young, 6 year old Mary was walk trotting Bob by herself and had a great time. Her younger brother, Will, took his turn while big sister Katie loped down Bubba and Doc. Then Sheri came to groom and give her horses their treats, but she realized that is was way too windy to try to ride the fields!

This afternoon, it is so windy outside, about 50 mph winds, that even though it is 57 degrees out, it’s better to stay inside. I had wanted to ride, but not in this wind. So I’m thinking of my Thanksgiving weekend and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. I love the current one that is on, The Ultimate Gift, about life’s lessons. The young man meets and befriends a terminally ill young girl, teaching him another very important lesson. Sad, but so heartwarming!

I wanted to go out and water the arena today, too. I want to have it worked up one more time before winter really comes. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow, and Tom can take the time to really get it worked up. With luck, I’ll be able to work it up all winter if we are riding inside.

Sunday night: On the couch, relaxing! I like to watch the Amazing Race, and even had a dream last week that I was in the race! Lol After that show, I hope to be watching a movie with my hubby, drinking a glass of wine! Maybe I’ll even start reading that book that I’ve been wanting to start reading for the last month!

Can’t get better than this! Family, friends, horses, good times, and loving life.

“Embrace the Journey!”

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