Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Friday, November 19, 2010


I have just signed up with Skype. This program lets you make internet video calls for free, if the other person is signed up also. If you both have a webcam on your computers, you can see the other person while you talk. Free video calling! YEA!

Hubby and I just got off the “computer” with our daughter, Sara, and granddaughter, Makenzie. We haven’t seen them for 2 ½ months, and it will be a few more weeks before we go see them for Makenzie’s 2nd birthday. Tonight, we got to visit live!

How much fun was it to see Makenzie giggle and blow kisses. Her mommy had to interpret for us a few times. She was starting to babble a lot! We could understand a few words, especially “Pody” for pony.

She was amazed that she could see us on the computer. And she could see herself and her mommy. It was funny to see her get real close to the computer screen to see herself, and touch her hair, and ears and mouth! Lol She would blow us kisses. Cute!

Skype says that “free video calling makes it easy to be together, even when you're not. Now, Skype has group video.” We’ll have fun in the future seeing everyone at the same time! Cousins can visit, even when they are miles and states apart.

All I know is that I think Grandma and Pop are going to be calling Colorado a lot! LOL And if they aren’t home to answer, than the Messenger Live program allows us to video ourselves and send them a video through email.

Technology is wonderful. Especially when you are miles apart!


Rising Rainbow said...

I've heard about Skype but never used it.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Skype worked great, but still a little fuzzy.


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