Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Training Horse Goes Home

I’ve had a good month and a half on the training horse. And it went very well. I love it when the owners come back for lessons and take the time to ride their horse.

I am so happy about how well the horse and owner got along this week. The owner is a beginner, even though his wife has had horses for some time. I think that gives a beginner husband a better start! It has given my hubby a better understanding. He knows what to expect. He knows the horse. He knows and understands horses.

After coming back from the AAHS Clinic, I have begun using some of the principles in my lessons. I talk about the Nature of the Horse and why the horse does what he does. Some of the Secure Seat exercises are about the same for Centered Riding, especially the alignment.

Once we are balanced in our seat, and balanced over our feet, we stay with the horse whenever he moves out from under us. If we are balanced in our seat - that also means we sit evenly on our seat bones - we cam move when the horse moves.

My lessons with the training horse’s owner began with teaching how to Steer, Start and Stop. Then I taught him how to feel the horse’s movement in his body. We did the Following Seat, and allowed the hips to move. Then we did the Pedaling Backwards exercise, and felt when each hind leg hit the ground.

What really made the biggest impact was when I had him turn the horse with his whole body. As he neck reined around, I had him turn with his whole body. He turned his shoulders, waist, and knees as he made a turn. What a difference in control of the horse in the turns. Light Bulb Moment! At least for me if not for him.

I have learned to slow down and allow the rider time to figure out what he is learning! That is what this training horse and owner has taught me!

We need to continue to learn if we have horses, if we ride horses, and if we want to understand horses better. We also need to take the time to ride at leisure. Ride for fun! We don’t always have to be tuning on horses, or riding in a lesson, or riding as if every time we ride has to be perfect.

Enjoy your ride! Enjoy the journey!

“Embrace the Journey!”

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