Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Riding "Pody"

Two weekends ago, I took the mini, that Sara found, out to Colorado. Makenzie couldn't wait to see her "Pody" each day from the dinette windows. The rainy weather kept her from riding when her mommy got home from work each day that first week. I was able to stay with them the following Friday and Saturday, after my Centered Riding Clinic. Uncle Jacob, Aunt Amber and cousin Caden came out to spend the weekend, too. I had to leave on Saturday, so I could spend Father's Day Sunday with "Pop". But Saturday morning, we got Pody out for the first time.

Finally, Makenzie's mini "Pody" gets his first rides. Makenzie can't wait to help,

but Caden would rather play with the gravel.

Makenzie gets her grooming tools.

Makenie grooms her pony with her mommy,

"The saddle is on, but we need to tighten the girth, Mommy".

We have put on our new helmet!

Makenzie rides,

Caden loves to pet Grandma's horses, but he isn't too sure about riding yet.

Hi Grandma, I'm riding my Pony!

I'm glad, Makenzie, and we'll work on Caden! Maybe next year, there will be a pony at Grandma and Pop's house, too.


Sara said...

I posted these pics to facebook so everyone can see them! You need to email me pics from the weekend so I can put them in Kenzie's baby book!

Tammy said...

Perfect pictures & pony!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

thanks for posting them, Sara. yes, I took lots of pics and sent you more.

thanks tv! I had a good time! sorry you can't ride tonight. I was looking forward to it, especially after yesterday's temps. Last night was finally nice!


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