Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Light Bulb (LB) Moments

Now I have to start another area of discussion, besides Centered Riding and
Secure Seat Exercises, Training Tips, and Questions. This has to be the Light Bulb (LB) Moments!

My LB Moment came yesterday! I was riding Shaggy, my 8 year old QH gelding who hasn't seen much ride time except 30-60 days each year, and very random. I have been riding him this last month. At the AAHS clinic, we were talking about Unlocking the Lower Back and Standing in the Stirrups and moving with the Horse, then Sitting the Trot and still allowing the movement of the trot to go down your leg and into the stirrups.

Unlocking the Lower Back helps to lower your center of gravity. With all your weight in your seat, pedal backwards as the horse moves. Do not move your leg, but you may appear to be rocking from the waist down. You can lengthen your horse’s stride by pedaling harder, and shorten the stride by pedaling slower. You can turn the horse by pedaling one side. This is the same as the Following Seat in Centered Riding. Allow the hips to move with the movement of the horse.

Standing at the Trot and Moving with the Horse at the Trot, the horse will shift your weight from stirrup to stirrup. The horse’s body moves freer. His gait will become more fluid as his back comes up. As your hip, knees, and ankle joints become more flexible, you will move will your horse more.

Well, finally, after a year of Centered Riding exercises, of the Following Seat, I got it!!! I sat at the walk and I could move with my seat as the horse moved his hind legs. My hips became freer. My seat moved with each gait, and the movement went down in to my legs, through my knees to my feet.

I made a conscious effort to feel the walk stride in my seat, which I always did with Finny. This time, I tried to feel it go into my legs. I think Finny had such a smooth gait is the reason I didn't get the feeling as strong. With Shaggy, he is very true and has a very deep stride, and I could really feel his walk and trot. I could feel as I did the Backwards Pedaling motion, like you should do in the Following Seat and Unlocking the Lower Back, each motion of the pedaling! My seat and legs moved as if the were pedaling. Awesome feeling!!! Try feeling this in your seat before trying to feel it in your knees and legs.

My next LB moment came while I was reading the Centered Riding Book 2 and I
can't wait to share that with you tomorrow!

“Embrace the Journey!”


Jessica said...

Hi Brenda. It was such a great pleasure to meet you and be able to participate in that wonderful lesson with you last Sunday at the Calvin Center. I've been so excited about my riding after my experiences with you and the dressage instructor this past week. I really hope Gretchen is able to talk you into coming back to share more of your knowledge with us. Until then I'll live and learn through your blogs and "light bulb moments." I hope all is well and stays well. : )

Horses Are Our Lives said...

thanks Jessica! I am so glad that you enjoyed the lesson. I have been doing some adult lessons since coming home, and things are just clicking so well with them! I can't wait to go to my Centered Riding update clinic in CO. Yes, I can't wait to come back to GA! And keep having fun in your lessons!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Jessica, or anyone else, come to my chat site. We talk about all of this there, too. Request an invite at:

hope to be chatting with you, soon! Brenda


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