Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Riding in the Mud

Today, I lunged the training horse through the mud and water again. He did beautifully. No hesitation or side-stepping. He walked right into and out of the water and muddy edges.

He was much more relaxed and not as willing to run off. My horses were in the adjourning grass area in the tree line. After walking through the muddy areas, I mounted and rode him to the water. Ears perked, he walked straight in. I rode to the muddy section near the road. Even though it is drying up, it is still a little slippery. He walked through it without hesitation.

I walked him into the adjourning lot. There was standing water at the bottom of the lot. We walked up to it, circled it once, and walked straight through.

The training horse was riding so well that I decided to ride him out behind the barn. The field hadn’t been planted yet. I rode him past the dog kennel, empty of dogs, and into the field. The soybeans hadn’t been planted yet. I took him straight south and away from the barn. He rode beautifully. I saw an area around a drain pipe in the field that was field with water, and had muddy edges. Once again, without hesitation, he rode in and through the water. At the next drain pipe, the water area was huge. I rode straight into and through the length of the water. The training horse was having too much fun, and he acted like he wanted to stay in the water!

I rode back towards the barn, turned and headed back to the field. We fox trotted out, and walked back. The horse did well today. I can’t wait to see how he loads! That is our next biggest obstacle!

1 comment:

luvriden said...

So glad he is doing so well for you :-) He loves water (almost laid down twice on me) but hates (or now hated!) mud. I think it is a trust issue...maybe...I am so excited he is doing so great!


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