Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AAHS Clinic in Georgia

I have not been doing a very good job getting some posts down about the AAHS Clinic here in Georgia this week! First, I couldn't get a very good reception with my phone and blogger was way slow to post pics. Then, I got the facility wifi code and had it wrong. Third time is a charm, and not I'm on WIFI! A longer post and pics will come tonight!!!

First, what a beautiful and fabulous facility! It is absolutely gorgeous here! I love the trees and wooded setting. We have a short walk through the trees to the barn. The open air arena is in a perfect setting. You see woods, green pastures, horses on the hillside, a long aisle through an airy stall area. Just perfect.

I arrived Saturday, visited the barn and saw the horses. Gretchen, 2 friends and I went on a trail ride. Our friend, Terri arrived later that night.

Sunday, after lunch, I had a group lesson, teaching Centered Riding exercises to some of the volunteers and a few area people. Later, Gretchen, Terri and I went on another trail ride in the evening.

Monday, Terri and I rode some of the camp horses. Terri worked on some ground manners with the horses that needed some times. We watched Gretchen ride Rainbow in her Dressage lesson. Gretchen is a very quiet rider, and rides Rainbow with a comfortable ease. They have bonded together and are becoming a wonderful pair! Later, Terri had a clinic for some of the volunteers, teaching them some correct procedures of working around the horses.

Yesterday, the AAHS clinic started. Gretchen said that Brenda H is a wonderful instructor, and she is! We started the day with all that fun legal stuff. Liability, laws, risks, negligence. I can now recite the definition of negligence, thank you, Gretchen and Brenda! (It seems strange to type my own name!) After lunch, we went to the barn to ride and be tested on our riding skills. And have I said how great the meals are here?

Today, I don't feel as rested as yesterday. I shouldn't have stayed up until 11:30. More classroom this morning, starting with a quiz??? I feel like I am in school again. But I know that definition, so it better be on the quiz! Then he head to the barn each afternoon to learn and practice exercises in the Secure Seat program!

We are having fun! Hopefully tonight I'll get pics on!

Come along on the journey! It is fantastic this week!

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