Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Wednesday already

Training has continued into the 2nd week. Today is Wednesday. Where has the beginning of the week gone?

Monday started a little rough with the training horse. He didn't want to be in training mode. He had 2 days off and he seemed like he wanted a 3rd day off. But we had to get back to work. A little bit more free lunging, and a little bit more lunging with the saddle on, and he was ready to go to work. He wanted to throw his head more and refuse to listen, which confirmed my thoughts that he had a problem somewhere, especially in his hips.

The vet was scheduled on Monday for a Wed time. More on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, the training horse rode better, but I could tell that I was not moving ahead. I was at a spot where something needed to happen. I was glad that the vet was coming on Wed afternoon, as I knew something wasn't quite right. He was still kicking out, especially when he went to the left.

Shaggy was shaking his head more. He was evading the bit by lowering his head. I knew he wanted to listen, but his mouth hurt. More on that in the morning.

I don't know why this is Wednesday already. My parents left on Sunday, and I went to an auction Sunday and sold 4 youth saddles. I'm not sure what happened to Monday - jet lag, worked the training horse, chores, storm with loud booming, lesson got cancelled! Wouldn't you know it, it was beautiful weather after 5:30/6! I needed a free evening.

Tuesday, cell phone went through an update, and my internet wouldn't work on my laptop. So... spent almost 2 hours at Verizon telephone store, as I wouldn't get a new phone and leave. I wanted to make sure my computer email would work. And it does! Now I am wireless, AND my hubby can get on his computer too. We are in a dial up area and it stinks. I NEED to be on internet through my phone service! This is important if you rely on internet for your business, and I do. I really need to upgrade my website!

I went on a PRR trail ride tonight, and it is late. I'll email tomorrow about what the vet said.

Good night...

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