Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Arikok National Park, Aruba

The 2nd week of vacation flew by. We did less and the time went faster! How can that be? And we were more tired! I think 1 night I went to bed at 8:30 because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. The downside of going to bed so early was that I woke up at 3:30 then 5:30. AM! When I woke the 2nd time, I got up!

We went to see the sunrise again, early one morning. We shopped downtown at the port. Tom can’t get over how large the ocean liners are! Here is a picture of one at night. We went to see another sunset! They are just beautiful!

Most days, we walked the beach in the morning. The last day, we walked 2 ½ miles. With my cough, I was only about to do a mile the first week, then I was tired.

We were at the pool, laying on lounge chairs, from 2-4 hours a day. A few evenings, we went back to the beach. The days can be extremely hot, but the wind starts blowing as the sun goes down, making the beach at sunset a little chilly.

The island of Aruba is only 19 miles long and 6 miles wide. It is hard to get lost, but not impossible, as some of the roads twist and turn, coming to many intersections, with NO road signs!!! A map makes a trip slightly easier to navigate, but not by much!

Goats on the hillside - look close!

We drove through the Arikok National Park, which encompasses 1/5 of the island. Enjoy some of the scenery and animals.

Aruba reminds me of the desert of Arizona!

Large cacti!

Some starting to flower,

Maybe a little more green areas!

And with an ocean in the background!

Lizards are everywhere.

Wild burros,


and cute kids.


Flying Lily said...

Wow I had always thought of Aruba as rain-foresty but it has a real desert vibe. Beautiful photos. Enjoy your time there!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I know, I did too. I was expecting what I thought would look lush, and only the resorts are lush. This is the island. Thanks for visiting!


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