Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Letter to my First Granddaughter

Makenzie Ruth
Makenzie Ruth was born Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 6:55 pm. 6 pounds, 13 ounces, 20 ¼” long. Chin dimple like her mommy. Eyes like her daddy. Long fingers, to play piano like her mommy, and long toes. And lots of hair. Where did she get all that hair?

Grandpa “Pop” think she looks like Sara when she was a baby. Grandma saw Sara in her when we laid her down on the floor when she was 2 days old and looked at her sideways. Oh, that was Sara when she was a baby.
Grandma and Pop got “the call” at about 3:30 am Wednesday morning. I went back to bed for a few hours, but Pop went to lay on the couch. I rested until 6:30, but Pop said he couldn’t sleep and packed a few things into the truck. I think he was more nervous than all of us!

We were on the road by 10 or so, much later than I wanted to be. We brought out the truck and horse trailer since your mommy needed some hay for her horses. (Hay isn’t as expenses in Nebraska, but when gas prices were at a high close to $4.00 or over, I wondered!) The trip is 7 ½-8 hours long, depending on how many stops we need, for gas and the restroom! We arrived at Nunn, CO about 4:30, 5:30 our time.
We grabbed the camera and headed to the Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, arriving about 5:15. We found the maternity floor. We stopped by the nurse’s desk, but they said your mommy’s room was closed and visitors weren’t allowed. Due to privacy laws, the nurse couldn’t tell us anything, but she could tell them that we were there. I told her to tell your mommy and daddy that her Mom and Dad were there. We went to the waiting area and the nurse came out within 5 minutes. She told us that she was allowed to say that your mommy was pushing. We only waited about 45 minutes and your Daddy was there! He said he has a little girl that is about 10 minutes old! Your Daddy was so happy! He called your other Grandma to tell her! Pop and I had to wait about ½ hour before we could come see you.

You were less than an hour old when I saw you for the first time, nestled in your mommy’s arms. Oh, you were so little. You had a perfect face, gorgeous eyes, a chin dimple, and hair! And your little fingers. Nice and long. Piano fingers. Your Mommy played the piano, and the flute. When I held you, you wrapped your fingers around my finger. I held your fingers up to your mouth and you sucked on them. When you were awake, your eyes were so big and so open. You love being held close. When you were restless, you moved your tiny arms around. You wanted your hands near your face. A nurse told me that babies comfort themselves when their hands are up to their face. But when you were waking up or fussy, your arms would move and your hands would sometimes scratch your cheeks.

When you were content, your slept. You slept so deeply and quietly. Even though that was when we should have laid you down, I loved holding you then. I held you close and watched your face. I talked to you, quietly, inside my head. I want us to have a special bond. Before you were born, I knew you would be a girl. I had hoped so, anyways. I want to share my love for horses with my first granddaughter, and with all my grandchildren.

Pop and I stayed and visiting with your Mommy and Daddy until Friday. They brought you home from the hospital and carried you into your home. Pop had a surprise for all of you. Your first Christmas tree was standing in front of the large west windows. Still undecorated since your Mommy had to go to the hospital before the decorations could get onto the tree. Your Pop had bought you, and your little cousin who would be born 2 weeks after you, a little red Santa outfit! Pop hung it on the tree for all to see when they walked in from the garage!

And hanging on the fireplace was your Mommy and Daddy’s stockings. Pop hung a horsey stocking, just for you! Pop also wrote you a letter, and gave you 3 small gifts. A small toy horse, a small John Deere tractor, and a small pony. A small horse because your mommy would teach you how to ride. A small tractor since your Daddy will teach you how to drive. And a small pony because I want to buy you a pony!

It was time to leave. I held and cuddled with you. Grandpa took a picture of us since I was laying on the couch with you. I told him that you were so relaxed, that I could have fallen asleep, holding you.
Today is only 4 days since you were born, 2 days since I left you to come home. Yesterday, after working the store, I went shopping at the baby consignment store. I bought 5 bags of baby clothes!!! I did buy some pink, even though I’m not a “pink” person. I was able to find purple and yellow outfits. The best outfits are made of blue jean material! Jumpers, bib overalls, and jackets. I can dress you like a little cowgirl!

I was feeling sad because I am not there with you and I wanted to write this letter. I feel better now since I feel closer to you. I think I am going to call your mommy and check on you.

I love you so much, Grandma


Tammy said...

I'm teary eyed, Brenda! You are going to be a great grandma!!

Brenda said...

thanks! I was really sad yesterday. I feel better today. Probably helps that I'm quite busy here, trying to catch up on last week's sales, and this afternoon has been busy.
I can't wait to see Makenzie again! B


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